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Curtains versus blinds, which would you pick?


With the endless curtains designs we have in this world, we are pretty sure you have wandered the curtain aisle of a store trying to decide which curtain would go best with your room.

Decorating your room with the right window treatment can be an overwhelming process. However, when you find the right one, it can make a major impact and draw together an entire look.

When selecting curtain or blinds you would have to consider the function before style or design. This instantly narrows down your style options (believe us, there are thousands of options!).

Just in case you want to create a little privacy, add color or filter light, be sure to keep these components in mind when picking out curtains or blinds.



This is the first stage and a good place to start. What is your preference when it comes to looks? Do you like Venetian or vertical blinds or in pursuit of the perfect fabric choice of curtains? Picking a style that complements your room décor is crucial. Here are few ideas: Be daring and make a statement with a colorfully patterned curtain, for a more calm style, try a neutral patterned curtain or blind.


Depending on your space, consider how much light you want in your room. You may want to filter in or out. If you are choosing curtains for a common area like a living room, you may want to opt for complete curtains to allow more light into the space. Your bedroom, on the other hand, would prefer a heavier fabric where you want more privacy or less natural light.


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Fabric choice is an important element to think about. Establish how the curtain will function in a space before deciding on a fabric. For a sunnier effect, consider a lightweight fabric, like linen or cotton. It often creates an airy feel in most spaces. Add drama to space with heavier fabrics like velvet. Heavyweight fabrics block out light and offer a more formal feel to space.


Blocking out noise completely is impossible if you are opting for curtains or blinds. It can, however, be reduced but it takes the absorption of sound vibrations, something blinds don’t offer due to being made out of either hard or very slim materials.


  • For rooms that get a lot of natural sunlight, be sure to opt for curtains with natural colors.
  • Hanging curtains or blinds closer to the ceiling can make your room bigger in height.
  • Find a fabric sample and hold it up against a window to see how well it functions and looks in space.

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