Monday Motivation: Important Lessons We Learnt from Bukky George-Taylor’s Episode on the Tea with Tay Podcast

Bukky George-Taylor

It’s time to get you motivated!

It’s a brand new week and we are here with your morning coffee! Monday Motivation is our weekly segment where we bring you inspiring videos, quotes, lessons and more to get you inspired and pumped for the week. Think of us as your Success Fairy – sprinkling inspiration and motivation for a successful week.

Bukky George-Taylor

This week, we look to one of the biggest names in Public Relations & Lifestyle Relations to get you moving. Bukky George-Taylor is the Founder/CEO of Robert Taylor Media and The Crawl App and she recently sat on Taymesan’s podcast chair. In the episode, tagged the “Wonder Woman of Comms” episode, they talk shop. From her Summer job as a Waitress in DC to creating one of the leading apps in Lifestyle today. As we listened to the podcast, Bukky dropped tons of gems that really got our minds stirred and left us feeling ready to rumble. So, we decided to share some of them with you.

Bukky George-Taylor

Here are 5 gems we got from this episode with Bukky George-Taylor;

Get your name/brand where it needs to be

One thing we picked up about Bukky is she is very intentional about where her brand is. She started the Bobby Taylor Company (Robert Taylor Media’s former name) while in Canada and ensured her name was doing something in Nigeria as well. Why? Because she knew she would move back to Nigeria and needed her brand functioning here.

To further ensure this, she partnered with platforms that would help get her name noticed. When the Future Awards started off, she provided gift boxes for all the winners. These hampers had an introductory note to who “Bobby Taylor” was. This later helped get her foot in the door with one of her first clients, D’banj.

Use what you have

One of the major reasons why people refuse to start their entrepreneurial journey or get to the next level in their job is because of “the wait”. The wait for the perfect weather, resources, connections etc to start. But we have news for you sis, there’s no such thing. Take it from your fairy success mother, the only thing you need is time. And if you are alive and are reading this, then you have that. Bukky George-Taylor started sharing press releases on Facebook Notes (we didn’t know that was a thing either) and they started to spread. She used what she had available to her.

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It’s not about having the perfect studio, idea, equipment, degree or any of that – it’s about starting. You just have to start.

Be Strategic

There are many ways to kill a fish – you just have to find one that works for you. Riding off her idea to have a 1-page note on the “Bobby Taylor Company” in the gift boxes for the Future Awrads winners, you have to find smart & creative ways to get what you want. Reach out to those brands with samples of what you’d like to sell to them. Check for their key employees on LinkedIn and start a connection. Get yourself invited to strategic events that enable you to meet your niche target audience. All of these will add up in helping you strategically position yourself for success.

As you must’ve guessed, there’s more where that came from. Watch the full episode here as you get your day started. You’ll thank us for this one. And you can get more success tips from Bukky here!

Till next time, be successful!

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