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From Work to Love, Here Are 5 Principles to Live by for Guaranteed Success!

From Work to Love, Here Are 5 Principles to Live by for Guaranteed Success!

how to be successful

Here’s the truth – learning how to be successful is quite simple. There are very few principles each and any one of us can apply that WILL bring guaranteed success into our lives. And these principles are easy to grasp and apply. Now, you might be asking- “so if becoming successful is so easy, then why is it so hard for 90% of people”? Well, another truth is, the difference between successful people and those who arent is one simple thing – doing.

In a perfect world, doing what we need to when we need to, irrespective of how we feel about it shouldn’t be so hard. It is as simple as getting up and simply doing them. However, we’re all too familiar with a few not-so-great paths like procrastination, fear, laziness, lack of self-discipline and many, many more. These concepts have held down more dreams than we can even account for – and they all lead to the same thing – failure. One minute you’re gearing up for an exceptional week, then procrastination or laziness kicks in and before you know it you’re stuck in a cycle of unproductivity. We’ve all been there.

So, how do we come out of this rut and bring ourselves out and into a more productive life? We have 5 principles that we think can help shape your mind and lead you down the right path. If you remember these principles and practice them, you will never have to Google “how to be successful” again.

how to be successful

Here they are;

Action Cures All

One of the main hurdles you or anyone have to get over is your ability to do. There are many actions that require your attention and physical action, but most times you end up just not doing. Let’s put the excuses aside, if you don’t get up and carry out these actions, you will not be successful. It’s like being hungry and refusing to make food to eat. You will stay hungry. Sis, you are the solution and if you don’t get up and do, you might as well kiss all your chances of success goodbye.

You are Responsible for Everything in Your Life

Have you ever played the blame game? It’s really fun (not!). Here’s how it goes – you have something you have to do, but instead of doing it, you decide not to and blame someone or something else for why you didn’t get it done. Sound like fun? However, we have to warn you, this game never has any winners.

You need to take full responsibility for your life in every way. You are the one in charge of it all. God isn’t going to come down and write that proposal for you. Your parents’ arent going to give you ideas for your next project. Your neighbour isnt going to reply all those e-mails. It’s all you boo. And even though it seems like the easiest thing to do right now, you really can’t leave the chances of your success up to anyone else. Get up and get it done. If not you, then who?

Momentum Matters

There’s a phrase that we’ve been remembering lately, and it goes thus – “strike the iron while it’s hot”. This is just right for where we are right now. There are moments for everything. As much as we like to think timing varies, there are key moments you should never overlook or undervalue. It is important that you are able to recognize those moments and be able to take full advantage of them. You’re not always going to be this young. That job might not always be there. Those relationships aren’t going to service themselves.

Strike the iron while it’s hot and easily malleable. If not, you’re going to end up hitting cold iron that has lost its ability to be moulded. Don’t lose the momentum. Build it and use it!

You Can Learn Anything

Have you heard of Elizabeth Yamoah? She’s a 57-year-old Ghanaian woman who just completed her Junior Secondary School education, certificate and all. Her story of achievement is a not-so-gentle reminder that you can learn anything, at almost any age. Who would’ve thought that a 57-year-old would be willing to sit in a class of kids young enough to be her Grandkids and chase down an education? Makes you think – what’s stopping you?

See Also

Today, there are inexhaustible options for you to be anything you want to. From courses on SkillShare to YouTube – you have vast resources that can and will help you learn & become anything. There really is no limit. There is nothing you cannot learn, all you have to do is apply yourself.

Take Care of You

We think that one of the things that people fail to do, especially women, is focusing on themselves. In our doing and being it is easy to forget to take care of you. And this ends up affecting your productivity which leads to stress, confusion etc.

When you care for yourself, you have a better chance of becoming more. You become more productive, achieve more and have a better perception of self and vision of your future.

These principles that we’ve just broken down, can help show you how to be successful. But you have to make it work. Read them over and over again, practice them and we will see you at the top!

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