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With new healthy dessert options storming Nigeria you can eat your proverbial cake and have it too.

Healthy Apple Cake

For most serious dieters, dessert is a no-no; practically a taboo. In an attempt to eat healthy and maintain healthy weight dieters tend to skip the dessert portion of the meal. The great news is you can indulge your sweet tooth even while you’re on a diet. With new healthy dessert options storming Nigeria you can eat your proverbial cake and have it too.

Here are some new scrumptious, guilt-free treats available so you don’t have to skip the most exciting part of your meal.

Frozen yogurt:

Frozen yogurt a.ka. fro-yos a healthy, fat-free treat that comes in a variety of delicious flavours. It looks like ice-cream but tastes even better and contains less than half the calories that ice-cream does. Good frozen yogurt should contain natural prebiotics that aid digestion and boost your immune system. Please note not all frozen yogurt are fat-free or healthy so make sure you look for the nutritional information. Good frozen yogurt should not contain more than 30 calories per serving.

Tip: Pair it with fresh fruit toppings.


All natural fruit popsicles are such a fun treat. They are low in calories, made from natural fruit and are available in a wide range of fruity flavors. They are nutritious as they contain all the natural nutrients that fruits possess. Try a natural fruit Popsicle as a refreshing dessert option.

Fruit Bowls:

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Fruit bowls are a refreshing light calorie dessert snack. It is a mixture of diced fresh fruit usually with fruit dip. Fruit bowls are quite satisfying and very low in calories, choose fruits that have high nutritional value and calorie burning abilities such as watermelon, blackberries, plums, tangerines, grapefruit, and raspberries to name a few.


Parfaits are also a delicious reinvention to eating healthy desserts. Typically a frozen dessert similar to trifle, you can have a fruit only parfait or add natural yogurt. Create a healthy parfait cup with layers of honey granola, natural yogurt, and diced fresh fruit. The combination of the previously mentioned layers creates a tantalizing hit in your mouth. Granola is a heart-healthy grain that helps lower cholesterol.

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