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Tired of recycling your menu? Find out how to make 7 new quick but healthy snacks here!

Black Jack Med Salad

The word fast food connotes junk and unhealthy stuff when it actually means quick meals. That food is prepared ‘fast’ doesn’t mean it has to be junk, that’s why we, here, share ways to make seven of the most common quick meals as nutritious and healthy as they can be. You definitely do not need to sacrifice nutritive value for a shorter preparation time. Here are some examples:

1.        Sandwiches

The secret to a healthy sandwich is found in the ingredients. You can have vegetables in your sandwich. Replace your mayonnaise with mashed avocado. Replace your white bread with whole wheat bread. Forget about the sauces or processed meats and throw in your leftover chicken. You can toast the bread for variety.

Crunchy wheat toast boasts a classic combination of crisp bacon, sliced tomato, fresh lettuce and creamy mayo to make this BLT sandwich.

 2. Milk Shakes

With your milk and ice cream (whatever flavour you prefer), you are good to go. You can add some frozen fruits – strawberries, avocados or bananas. You may want to work with some coconut milk and extract as well as some wedges of pineapple for the Pina Colada Shake. Use chocolate ice cream and malted milk powder for a chocolate shake.

      3. Salads

Keep your ingredients ‘green’ and your dressing healthy with avocados, cucumbers, tomatoes, chicken or shrimps. You could also do coleslaw, which is primarily cabbage and carrots. It could go in your noodles or pasta and even in your sandwich. An avocado chicken salad sandwich doesn’t sound so bad!

4.      Cereal

Add life to your breakfast cereal by putting some fruits and nuts – even in your oats. Substitute milk with Greek Yoghurt when taking your favourite cereal and top it up with fresh fruits for that healthy zing!

5.      Smoothies

 For this, you will need your fresh fruits and some yogurt. For instance, you could make a smoothie with bananas, ginger, honey, and yogurt. Add some soymilk for variety. Smoothies could also be green; you may use spinach or kale in addition to your fruits or some green tea. If you want your smoothie cold, use frozen fruits.

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6.      Noodles/Pasta

This provides for variety. There are the pasta salad or chicken and noodle salad plus the chicken or beef noodle soup. Another option is to simply cook the noodles or pasta with vegetables or stir-fry with the vegetables, shrimps, chicken or beef. It really boils down to your taste.

7.       Popcorn

This is the ideal snack if you want to avoid heavier calories. Popcorn can satisfy your cravings for junk food and you could also improve its nutritional value if you desire. The most important thing is for you not to waste any time. You could use some cheese, yeast, coconut oil or extra virgin olive oil instead of butter. You could also spice it up with cinnamon or chili powder. Yum!

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