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Bag the Fashionable Wedding Guest Every Time with these Inspirations from Powede Awujo!

Bag the Fashionable Wedding Guest Every Time with these Inspirations from Powede Awujo!

We have some amazing wedding guest style inspiration that you won’t be able to say no to. And it’s all thanks to lifestyle influencer & former beauty Queen – Powede Awujo.

Say you have a wedding to attend and you definitely want to steal the show, but don’t know what to wear. Well, these 5 stunning looks will get you very inspired and well on your way.

Let’s take a look at some wedding guest looks Powede Awujo has served!

The Duchess

We especially love this look. Choosing a beautiful shade like this royal purple will make you stand out on arrival. And pairing it with a matching fascinator takes the look to a whole new level!

Dress: Hanifa Studios (@HanifaStudios) | Headpiece: Visual Hats (@Visual_Hats)

Green Envy

So let’s say you want to work in some color to your look – then how about something like this? This looks works beautiful colors into the mix. And switching up the color of the shoe adds versatility and “umph”!

Dress: KAI Collective (@KaiCollective)

Black Swan

Don’t want a dress? That’s fine. How about a statement jumpsuit? We love this shimmery jumpsuit look paired with a black statement head piece.

NOTE: If you’re going to go black, make sure to add some dazzle with jewelry, shimmer, embroidery etc!

Jumpsuit: DivaLukky (@DivaLukky) | Headpiece: Visual Hats (@Visual_Hats)

Queen of Hearts

Make heads turn with a monochrome look? Yes please! And the devil is in the details here!

See Also

From mesh short sleeve to fringe detailing – this is a perfect example of making pepper soup extra spicy.

Dress: DivaLukky (@DivaLukky) | Headpiece: Visual Hats (@Visual_Hats)

Flower Girl

If you’re up for turning your Aso-Ebi into something more modern, this is a great way to go. We love the corset top (which is trendy right now) and the pretty floral detailing. It’s easy-breezy but still a statement piece! Gorgeous!

Tell us, which one of these wedding guest style inspiration looks would you be trying?

Photo Credit: Powede Awujo (@PowedeAwujo)

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