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Andre Leon Talley Resigns as Editor-in-Chief of Numero Russia

Andre Leon Talley Resigns as Editor-in-Chief of Numero Russia

Andre Leon Talley

After one year at Numero Russia magazine, Andre Leon Talley has left his post as editor-in-chief.

Talley told Women’s Wear Daily  that his resignation has nothing to do with the magazine, but it does have something to do with Russia’s views on homosexuality.

“There are no civil rights for people there. That’s one of my reasons for departing.”

Talley definitely realized he was no longer at Vogue – although the glossy has a blackface issue – after newsstand distributors refused to sell the March issue because a nude, male model was featured on the cover. Numero selected another cover in the end.

Talley also says his split with Numero Russia’s publisher Alexander Fedotov is an amicable one, and maybe they can work together in the future.

So what’s next for Talley right now? Well there is that artistic director role he recently assumed at Zappos Couture. That’ll keep him plenty busy considering it’s a digital space – a rather unfamiliar realm since the nearly 65-year-old has never purchased clothing online.

“I took the job because I felt that this was a new experiment that I needed to have going toward the future because digital and online is so important in today’s world,” he told the New York Times.

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But this is Mr. Fashion-Icon-Editorial Andre Leon Talley we’re talking about. Something tells us he’ll succeed.

“It was a backwards situation,” Talley says.

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