Pssst, This Smokey Soft Glam Makeup Looks is Perfect for Any Occassion | IAmDodos

Soft Glam Makeup Look

There are soft glam makeup looks, and there are soft glam makeup looks. And this smokey one by IAmDodos is perfect for any occasion.

Dodos Uvieghara of IAmDodos is back with another tutorial and it’s a “Get Ready With Me” video. While we find out what’s new with Dodos, we also get to see how she created this stunning look;

Here’s what she’s saying about this video and the makeup look;

I am super excited to be back from my 2-week break and I am feeling a lot more refreshed and starting to plan my 2021 Goals. In this video, I am creating this lovely soft glam brown smokey eye makeup and talking through my plans for the year, content creation on youtube and other business ideas.

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