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What is your focus on fitness this 2020?

What is your focus on fitness this 2020?

Focus on fitness

The new year is expected to usher in trends that will shape a lot of people’s focus on fitness.

Thanks to new apps and advances in technology, access to an abundance of fitness resources are no longer reserved for the rich and famous. 

Trainers and nutritionists in the industry have rounded up what they predict will be your focus on fitness this year. Here are their top five picks and why

Recovery-Focused Training

focus on fitness

For years, we’ve focused on training hard. Now, we’re turning to recover hard. This includes accessories like compression boots, recovery-focused studios, and services like flotation therapy, cryotherapy, and recovery IVs.  Experts say that if you train at a high capacity for weeks on end without proper rest and recovery, your returns diminish and you’re increasing your risk for injury.”

A Plant-Forward Diet

focus on fitness

There’s nothing new about the idea that cutting back on meat will benefit our health and environment. But among other things, experts are seeing a massive movement toward being more plant-forward rather than meat-forward. Not the same as being full vegan, but close. 

Wearable Tech

Smartwatches, sleep trackers, activity trackers — wearable tech is definitely still trending. In fact, it’s the top trend prediction for 2020 by many experts. People want to track all aspects of their life, and having that data seems to help inspire them to do more.

Primal Movement Training

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Strengthening and loosening our natural body movements — has traditionally focused around squats, presses, pulls. The newest iteration: primal movement, a part-dance, part-mobility workout. In recent years, moving your body like a caveman has begun to spread like wildfire not only due to its dance-like appeal but also to its plethora of health benefits that help with coordination, core strength, neurological development, and weight loss.

Slowing Down for Hormonal Health

focus on fitness

Cortisol is the main hormone we talk about when we think about stress. It’s our ‘fight or flight’ response and a lot of everyday things we do — like dragging ourselves to an intensive workout — can cause it to spike. We need cortisol, but most of us are functioning with too much at all times due to lifestyle factors. Prioritizing things like recovery training, meditation and mindfulness, and mental health days will help us in doing less without the guilt.

How do you plan to focus on fitness this year? Let us know.


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