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FENTY BEAUTY – All You Need to Know about Rihanna’s New Makeup Line!

FENTY BEAUTY – All You Need to Know about Rihanna’s New Makeup Line!

Rihanna Robyn Fenty has set the Beauty World on Fire!!!

Yes, ladies, Riri did not come to play…

On the 8th of September, after months of sneak peeks and mini ads, Rihanna finally dropped Fenty Beauty, and she literally caused a beauty commotion!

All over the world, girls and women crowded Harvey Nichols and Sephora beauty stores, just so they could get their hands on the uber chic beauty products. And for those who didn’t want to go out, they sat in front of their laptops, refreshing with bated breaths until they could order the products.

One would think that with all this hype, there would be a high probability that Riri’s fans may just be disappointed – it has happened in the past, specifically to Kim Kardashian, whose KKW Makeup Line – contour powder and sticks – got mostly bad reviews from the beauty world.

But Riri’s Fenty Beauty exceeded and surpassed all expectations!


Well, the main reason is that Riri’s main product, the Pro Filter Soft Matte Long Wear Foundation, was released in – wait for it – 40 SHADES!!

Yes ladies, 40 awesome shades!!

From the lightest to the darkest of women, from Caucasian to Black, from Hispanic to Asian, Fenty Beauty has a shade for everyone! This bold move by Riri to make sure that her Beauty Line was inclusive of all ethnicities has given her sky high approval ratings from the beauty community, especially the black beauty community, who have long been neglected by many big beauty brands.

According to some reports, the Foundation, especially the dark shades, have sold out in some Harvey Nichols and Sephora stores, proving to the beauty world that there is indeed a huge demand for dark shades of makeup, if only they are made available. The success of this foundation has made a lot of people in the beauty community to throw shade at Beauty Entrepreneurs such as Kylie Jenner and her big sister Kim Kardashian, for not being inclusive of all ethnicities in both of their makeup brands.


Another reason Fenty Beauty has been such a huge smash is that it has been endorsed by many beauty gurus! And you know that once the beauty guru community endorses a product, then that product will definitely be a hit. On YouTube, there are hundreds of reviews of the product and almost 90{54d2fcdcd494adb6982253be6fe8d5492e5f586157f419110131714f9092ec60} of the reviews have been super positive. Beauty Influencers such as MakeupShayla, Patricia Bright, Jennie Jenkins, Nyma Tang, La Toya Forever, Missy Lyn, Nikki Perkins and tens of others have all reviewed the product and you can literally feel their excitement off the screen!!

The last reason why Fenty Beauty has changed the makeup game is that Riri made a bold and brave decision. Most times, celebrity turned Beauty brand owners shy away from products like foundations and concealers – these products are allegedly hard to get right because of the wide shade range. So these brands focus more on products such as eyeshadows, lip-gloss etc. in minimum quantities to test the market first.

But Bad Gal Riri was having none of that; she turned the model upside down releasing the more “difficult” products first – with 1 Primer, 40 Foundation Shades, 6 KillaWatt Highlighters, 10 Match Stick Shimmer Sticks, 20 Concealer Shades, 5 Brushes, Invisible Matte Blotting Powder and a Precision Makeup Sponge, and just one lip-gloss with no eyeshadow in sight!

Riri decided to do what seemed “difficult” for most beauty brands, and in doing so, she has proven that it is actually possible to do foundation and concealers and do them the right way!

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Go Riri!!

We are excited to see where she takes Fenty Beauty in the future.

What about you?

Have you tried any products from the line?

Do you have any favorites already?

Let us know!

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