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Let’s Talk About Love – Happy Valentine’s Day

Let’s Talk About Love – Happy Valentine’s Day

St Valentine’s Day is here again, and as is usual, we can feel the love in the air.

All over my timeline, it is raining red; people are receiving gift boxes, flowers, chocolates, cupcakes, perfumes, teddy bears engagement rings etcetera. My social media has been buzzing all day. People have been ‘oooohhing and awwwing’ over their baes and for the ‘baeless’ ones like me, this can be depressing.

For as long as I can remember, Valentine’s Day has always been like every other day to me – when you have lived most of your twenty-something years single, you can definitely relate. As a rule, this day has the tendency to make single people feel inadequate and miserable, but the truth is it doesn’t have to be so.

I understand the impulse to curse the existence of Valentine Day or to ignore the holiday altogether if there was any chance that loathing it and pretending it didn’t exist might actually make it cease to exist.

But it is here to stay.

So it is only fair that you make the best of it.

This season doesn’t have to be about romantic love alone. Love is love and it is a beautiful thing that deserves to be celebrated by everybody no matter your relationship status. Call up your friends, celebrate your platonic bonds, see a movie together, hangout at a restaurant, or stay in alone if you want to.

Whether it’s romantic, familial or friendship, love you are celebrating, and do not forget that the most important love of all is self-love.

This special season, watch out for our February edition packaged with love and made especially for you.

And guess what?

It is absolutely free!

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