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Cornelia O’Dwyer Launches TV Show – Chick Chat Live!

Cornelia O’Dwyer Launches TV Show – Chick Chat Live!


Multimedia Personality, Cornelia O’Dwyer is back on our screens with her own brand new talk show.

The former Ndani Real Talk host, Smooth FM’s Grapevine co-host and TW Magazine Columnist has partnered with DZRPT TV and 5ive Music Group (a music publishing company, Chocolate City’s Subsidiary) for this project.

‘Chick Chat’ started as a Tuesday series online that inspired the concept of a live show. Each Tuesday, a short life scenario is presented in form of a tale. The stories are funny, thought-provoking and salacious- shedding light on the happenings in some African homes mostly from a woman’s perspective. The readers are invited to contribute their opinions, gain or share perspectives.

‘Chick Chat Live’ was formed with the sole purpose of showcasing and representing the essence of the modern day African woman. The show is full of positive energy as a result of the diversity of the guests and the lively atmosphere generated by their conversations. The discussions explore the world-view and opinions of diverse types of women with different backgrounds, personalities and age groups. The focus is on the ‘intelligence’ each guest has developed throughout life’s real, mundane and awkward experiences.

Chick Chat Live is on YouTube, Tuesday, January 24th at 1:00pm.

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