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5 Benefits of Ice cream and Desserts By Shirley Anne Oke

5 Benefits of Ice cream and Desserts By Shirley Anne Oke

Desserts are often perceived as unhealthy, sadly we all crave them, so what do we do? Well, we have dug deep and discovered you don’t have to feel guilty scooping that vanilla or eating that cake!


  1. Contains Vitamins and minerals

Ice cream is no Ugwu but it can go a long way. Since most of its content is milk based, ice cream has a sufficient amount of calcium which is useful for maintaining bone density, preventing one from having Osteoporosis (weak bones) and hypertension. One could get 10{54d2fcdcd494adb6982253be6fe8d5492e5f586157f419110131714f9092ec60} of the adult recommended allowance of calcium a day in ice cream. Desserts like fruit cake, smoothies and yogurt have a few traces of vitamins A, B, C, D, and E, some still have fibre which helps in digestion and promote a strong immune system.


  1. Weight Control

This might seem farfetched but ice cream does help one reduce/control/gain weight, hmm… sounds like an impossible super drug, right? And yet it is!

  • Although ice cream contains whole milk and saturated fat, contrary to popular belief it doesn’t cause obesity (unless of course, it is breakfast, lunch, and dinner with junk food!). Research conducted at the University of Tennessee by Dr Michael Zemel shows that there is a correlation between reduced weight, weight gain prevention and an adequate daily intake of calcium. The more one takes the daily recommended intake of Calcium, the more one’s chances of losing weight. This is because when the body does not receive sufficient amount of calcium, it causes fat cells to enlarge by storing fat instead.
  • Our body and brain often rely on calories and glucose for energy and because of this we often crave sugar, so stopping this intake altogether usually leads to binge eating after weight loss programs. According to the National Eating Disorders Association, having a carbohydrate-rich dessert can help reduce craving while dieting or going too long between meals. They also stated that eating desserts with breakfast may help weight loss because it satisfies one’s belly and sweet tooth which makes it less likely to indulge throughout the day.
  • For those who would like to add weight, you could take as much ice cream as you want because it provides a useful way of having a lot of fat in dense amounts. 
  1. Nutrition Supplement

Ice cream, Milkshakes or Smoothies are possible good alternatives to protein shakes because they help replenish lost fluids and improve muscle building and recovery. A piece of Cheesecake after a healthy meal could be justified as well!

  1. Energy Source

Ice cream is a good source when you need a bit of energy. According to the U.S Department of Agriculture, one-half cup of vanilla ice cream provides 137 kilocalories of energy, about twice the amount of one and a half cup of whole milk. So if you are the active or sporty type, you’ll have enough to burn!

  1. Emotional/Psychological wellbeing

“…The cake, a small piece, is important”– Dr. DaniellaJakubowiz

In times of emotional crisis, a piece of chocolate cake or a little tub of vanilla could take the “pain” away, this is because ice cream contains a substance called Serotonin which helps the body relax and makes you keep calm. For those who lose appetite due to stress at work, illness and all, ice cream could come in handy.

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Although we’ve discovered all these lovely benefits, such should be taken in MODERATION or as a SUPPLEMENT TO HEALTHY FOOD and if you’re still skeptical, you could go for low-fat desserts like soft ice cream, yogurts and sweet pastries with fruits.

With that being said, buy a tub, have your cake and eat it!


……. Culled from tw April 2014 Edittion


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