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Proposal Protocol: Should He Merge With A Special Event or Pick A Special Day?

Proposal Protocol: Should He Merge With A Special Event or Pick A Special Day?

Don’t you just love watching Proposal videos? I know I do. That special moment when he gets down on one knee, looks into your eyes and starts giving a speech about how much you mean to him. And it all ends with a “Will you marry me” and a big fat YES! It’s breathtaking to watch isn’t it?

As beautiful as the moment is, I think it’s even more amazing to see just how much planning went into making that single moment so special. I secretly want my husband-to-be to go through a lot of trouble to plan mine LOL. Fly in my ring, propose at a beautiful destination like Paris…make it extra special.

The one thing i definitely do not want is a “since-we’re-already-here” Proposal. You know, those proposals that happen at a friend’s wedding, your birthday and other already special events.

Think about it – would you want your husband-to-be to propose at someone’s wedding or on your birthday? I mean, there are pros and cons, but I’d rather get my own day and occasion than have to share it with someone else’s. I want all eyes on me us as we prepare for our ‘Happily Ever After’.

Don’t get me wrong, those proposals where the Bride helps her friend’s boyfriend propose on her wedding day are still wonderful, but isn’t that stealing the spotlight from her? She only gets 1 day for a wedding, and you and your boyfriend can have the other 364 days. I mean, if the bride is fine with it, then “wozmyown”, but I know I can’t be that bride.

I understand these kinds of proposals can help save money, save him from working on logistics since family & friends are already likely there, and maybe even make the surprise more surprising. But I think it works better when you can look back and know that particular day was specially curated to be all about YOU!

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It may sound selfish, but we’re allowed to be a little selfish sometimes. No?

Okay, if you disagree, try to convince me. Share your thoughts on what you’d like your proposal to be like – merged with an already planned occasion or a stand-alone event? And maybe I’ll change my mind.

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  • Glad that no one tried that at my wedding. Even if they asked for permission, my answer would have been no.

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