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Stuck on Wedding Souvenir Ideas? Here are Some Great Ones You Might Like

Stuck on Wedding Souvenir Ideas? Here are Some Great Ones You Might Like

wedding souvenir gift ideas

Wedding souvenir ideas are not that easy to come by. Your guests are coming from all over to celebrate with you. And now you’re looking for the perfect way to tell them ‘thank you’. But you’re stuck. You don’t want to give them the usual things they can find anywhere, you want your gift to stand out.


To help you figure out a great gift for your awesome guests, we’ve pulled some pretty great ideas. These gifts will demonstrate your thoughtfulness, attention to detail, and love for the special people in your life. But before we dive into these wedding souvenir ideas, here are some things to consider before getting the souvenir.

What to Consider Before Buying Wedding Gifts

Your Wedding Budget: If you’re going to have a big wedding with loads of guests, you might want to scale down on what you spend on souvenirs. You might not be leaning more towards something that has a lot of meaning but is more functional. This way, people leave you with something they can use over and over again.

The Type of Wedding You’re Having: Your wedding location is also a great definer when it comes to your wedding souvenirs. Are you having a beach wedding? Is it a destination wedding? Location plays a huge role in finding the perfect gift for your special guests.

Your Personality: The great thing about wedding souvenirs is you get to inject a little bit of You into them. Do you like games? Are you fond of movies? Do people know you as the life of the party? Let these guide you so guests really take a piece of you home.

There are some more things to consider, but for now, let’s dive into those wedding gift souvenir ideas.

1. Succulents: A small potted plant is a beautiful and inexpensive way to gift guests on your special day. You can customize the planters with your names or even the names of your guests. Plus there are a lot of low-maintenance pots you can get that won’t stress your guests.

2. Exotic Hand Fans: This may seem a bit outdated, but hand fans are still a great wedding souvenir. You can have your wedding vows printed on each side so your guests take home something sweet. Or you can put something cheeky that’s an inside joke between you and your guest.

3. Customized Bottles of Wine: Now this gift may be short-lived, but it’ll definitely be something your guests will love. Gift them a customized bottle with your pre-wedding shoot images plastered on the bottle. Or have your initials engraved on the bottle for a more personalized touch. You can even show them creative ways they can keep the bottles around long after they’re done drinking the wine.

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4. Unique Shot Glasses: Are you typically known as the life of the party? Remind your guests how much fun you are with unique shot glasses. This way anytime they take a shot from that glass, they remember your special day.

5. Custom Wedding Flip-Flops: If you’re thinking of having a beach wedding, customized wedding flip slops will make a great souvenir. Who doesn’t wear flip-flops?! They make a great functional gift during the wedding and after.

6. Customized Playing Cards or a Game: Checkmate! Have some fun with this one. Give your guests something fun to take home that can easily become a part of their daily lives. Customizing a deck of playing cards or a whole game is a great way to keep the fun from your wedding day rolling.

There are tons more where these came from. but we’re going to call it a post here. Got some wedding souvenir ideas to share? Drop them in the comments section below!

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