Tomike Adeoye is Sharing Her First Trimester Journey with Us & You Might Want to Bookmark it!

what to expect in the first trimester

You might be trying to figure out what to expect in the first trimester of pregnancy. Perhaps you’re a new mother or you’re simply curious, and we might have some help for you.

what to expect in the first trimester

One of our favourite bloggers Tomike Adeoye is pregnant and gearing up her first baby. But before she drops her bundle of joy, she’s dropped an informative vlog. Tomike is taking us through her first trimester and is giving all the details.

In her description of her video she wrote;

Dear Family members!

Welcome back to the channel 🥳 this video is dedicated to the preggos in the family!!😅 from my dm’s, I can see they’re a whole lot 😮🤯 it’s raining babies in this family and we’re so grateful to God!

I got a lot of dm’s asking about my first trimester if it was as “bubbly”🤣😂 my people, it didn’t bu..anything o!!! I was in bed for half of the first trimester! I didn’t feel like working, more like I didn’t feel like getting out of bed! my phone was irritating me, I was throwing up every day, I didn’t have appetite, I lost so much weight,I was reserved, if you even felt like having a convo with me, when you look me up&down &see me staring at the ceiling all day, you’ll rather let me be than try to speak to me😂I was the one Darey sang “you’re not the girl I used to know.. you’re a shadow of yourself “ for🤣 I wasn’t even close to a shadow of myself 😂sheyb shadow still has same shape&structure😂it was crazy! I would barely post as no one could handle my IG &to be honest, I didn’t care🤣na person wey deh alright go dey online!
Dear Preggos,it’s okay to not want to do anything! You’re carrying a whole human being o! Don’t let anyone put unnecessary pressure on you dears! If na so e easy make them do am na😂I got a message from a family member in Ghana saying her sister kept disturbing her saying “look at Tomike now, she’s pregnant too but slaying” I said to her, my sisterrrrr, the Tomike you see today is not the Tomike of first trimester😂 I was in your shoes cursing everyone dancing duduke with bump that they lied😂look at me now! If I could “recover”, trust me you can! It’s only but a phase! It’s why I tried to document my pregnancy as much as I could so you can see that you’re not alone! I had no clue the first phase could be that crazy!

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My family members don’t have to be clueless too so enjoy this Vlog 😂💕
Happy Eid El Kabir💕💕

So, whether you’re pregnant alongside her or just want to see what to expect in the first trimester, press play!

Photo Credit: @Tomike_a (Instagram)

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