Watch Alex Asogwa, Seyi Awolowo & Bally Balat Share the Good & Bad of Life After BBNigeria

Big Brother Nigeria

There’s no doubt that Big Brother Nigeria has become one of the go-to platforms for overnight fame. Multiple Nigerians locked in a house for 3 months for the whole world to see. Sounds like a lot but its success cannot be denied. This begs the question – what happens after the show ends and a new crop of about-to-be-celebrities enter the house? How do the ex-BBNigeria housemates handle the seeming dwindle of attention?

In the new episode of NdaniTV Real Talk, Tomike finds out. She sits with Alex Asogwa, Seyi Awolowo & Bally Balat who share what life is like after Big Brother Nigeria. What comes with fame & fortune? How do they make the most of their platforms? And what happens when the attention seems to shift?

Here are some key lessons we learned from this episode;

Big Brother Nigeria

Alex explained that when you come out people feel like they own you. ‘I voted for you so I should be able to tell you what to do’. And people try to make it seem like if you didnt go fo Big Brother you will never make it in life. She believes that if you were destined to then you will make it.

Big Brother Nigeria

Seyi says the fame that Big Brother brought made him realize that some people just wanted to use him for who he had become. He also shared that as you leave the house it’s like you’re starting a company from scratch and that company is yourself. You have to pay attention to that brand and build your image.

Big Brother Nigeria

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Bally shared that the advice he got when he got out of the house was that “it’s not a sprint, it’s a marathon”. Don’t leave the house thinking you have to do things now because that can lead you to do things you’re not really good at. And he believes 60% of ex-housemates go through depression at some point after they leave the house.

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