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Oma Ehiri: Living in Lagos After the Death of Kekes & Bikes

Oma Ehiri: Living in Lagos After the Death of Kekes & Bikes

Keke and Okada Ban in Lagos

Is the keke and okada ban in Lagos hitting you, because I’m definitely feeling it?

Last week was quite horrific for me and many Lagosians as the Lagos State Government implemented the ban of tricycles and motorcycles in Lagos State. Popularly known as Keke and Okada, these 2 are some of the major means of transportation for most people in Lagos. This is known to be true with the massive number of people on popular bus stations and the hectic traffic situation since the ban.

At first, I did not quite understand how everything changed so fast with the removal of these 2 means of transportation. The rates for Taxify increased by 100%, with a trip that usually costs between N3,300 and N3,500 becoming N7,100. Not only did I now have to pay that much to commute to the Island, I still had to spend twice the time getting to the same place. The fares dropped a little the next day but they were still as high.

For those who use public buses as I do in the evenings, we still had to pay a little more. This is after waiting for hours at the bus station and, struggling to get into the next available vehicle. On Friday, I literally got bruised and lost a nail, thanks to fellow commuters. At this point, I really could not be mad because everyone is trying to survive. I watched several fights throughout the week and one thing is certain, Lagosians are under a lot of pressure.

Living in Lagos has never been easy, but now, it calls for deeper measures to ensure that your mental health is well taken care of. After last week’s experience, I thought to share a few things I am implementing to make sure that I am still as productive at work, relatively happy and keeping my sanity

1. Leave home at a safe but early time

I know that some people leave for work as early as 5 am in order to beat the traffic. And with the keke and okada ban in Lagos, there is a lot of tension everywhere. This is why you need to put your safety first. There is no doubt that robbery and other threats will be on the rise, so find what time works best for you. Also, avoid private vehicles as much as you can.

2. Let your boss know your current situation

You will be shocked to find out that your boss may be oblivious to the traffic situation you’re facing. Rather than label your boss as mean, let them know how bad it is and then see if you can get a shift in resumption time.

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3. Grab a road snack

‘You can’t come and go and die away’ – It is a long ride home. So, get yourself comfortable with something to snack on. I make sure to have my water handy because I need to stay hydrated and snacking can take your mind off how long the trip is.

I hope these few tips will help until the situation gets better. If you have any other tips about living in Lagos at this time, please share with us in the comment section.

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