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Death of Chinese Coronavirus Whistleblower is Unpleasant Dejavu

Death of Chinese Coronavirus Whistleblower is Unpleasant Dejavu

When we first heard the news of the death of the Chinese Doctor, Li Wenliang, who raised an alarm of the coronavirus, all we could think of was the late Stella Adadevoh. As you may recall, Dr Stella was the brave doctor who prevented the first case of Ebola in Nigeria from spreading by quarantining the infected patient. This led to her saving millions of lives through that singular act.

Now, Doctor Li Wenliang, who was wanted by Chinese police for “rumour-mongering” has died from the very virus he tried to warn about. This happened after screenshots of his messages to close family and friends warning them about the SARS-like disease spread.

Today, the coronavirus has killed about 630 people majorly in China, and has infected 31,400 people globally.

In both cases, 2 very important lives were lost due to a deadly disease that is still claiming lives. And without proper medical care and attention, will continue to.

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