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5 Things to do While Stuck in Lagos Traffic

5 Things to do While Stuck in Lagos Traffic

African woman stuck in traffic
African woman driving car in traffic
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The Friday traffic that followed the closing of Third Mainland Bridge, showed those of us who left the island for the mainland pepper on our return trips home. Some of us arrived at our various destinations at ungodly hours worn from the madness, and road rage typical of the daily Lagos commute.

While the third mainland shutdown was a one-time event, traffic in Lagos, is a regular. The sheer number of commuters relative to the landmass, and available routes, guarantees that a weekday in Lagos will never be traffic free, “go-slow” is here to stay (asides public holidays).

Still, all hope is not lost. Being stuck in traffic doesn’t have to be a frustrating, discomfort-laden affair; there are things you can do, to make your commute time more enjoyable or productive. Here are a few:

  1. Listen to a podcast

Podcasts are the in-thing these days; all the cool kids are hooked up to one or the other podcaster these days. Apart from being invaluable sources of information, they can also be extremely entertaining. (A good place to start is the discussion between Lanre Olusola and the July 2018 round table squad on love and sex)

Lagos traffic jam caused by an accident
Typical day on Lagos’ streets
  1. Read a book:

Reading makes you smarter; it stimulates your mind, improves your vocabulary, improves memory, and much more. Plus, the thrill of getting lost in a fantastical world is one everyone should experience.

  1. Play games on your phone:

Almost everyone has a smartphone these days. Data might be expensive, but most games are small enough to be downloaded on a N1000 plan, and the current trend with smartphone games is simple yet engaging. Games like Candy Crush, Angry Birds and Fruit Ninjas are simple enough to master and engaging enough to keep you entertained for the whole ride.

  1. Listen to music

Life without music, is like a picture without color. We’re privileged to have access to almost any song we want to listen to via platforms, like Apple Music, Soundcloud and YouTube. While everyone around you is engaged in road rage, you can be in your own zone, light as a bird, vibing with your favorite artist until the ride ends. (See what the TW Squad think of today’s artists here)

  1. Observe

A lot of us don’t pay attention to the world around us. We’re mostly nose-deep in our phones, or lost in our worries, and as such, we miss out on the rare forms of entertainment that can only be provided by real life events. Besides, Nigerians are entertaining to observe, you’ll go through the full range of emotions watching Lagos drivers in action, and if you pay close attention, you might walk away with life lessons.

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So, next time you’re stuck on the road, take a moment to explore the above actions, before turning to despair.

What’s the most interesting thing you’ve experienced when stuck in traffic?

Please drop you answer in the comments section below.

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