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Upbeat – The Jump Thrill

Upbeat – The Jump Thrill

Woman jumping at free jump hall, upbeat

Two members of the TW Squad – Ayo and Jennifer touched down at The Upbeat Centre, Lekki Phase 1, Lagos on Friday, August 17. Here’s a narrative of our experience.

We arrived to a full house; people of all ages and many races trooped in: toddlers, teenagers and adults. The reception brimmed with anticipation and shouts of excitement as young children zipped around the room; their mood a reflection of the words painted on the wall- Upbeat.

On receiving their compulsory custom socks and a wrist tag, we proceeded into the hall, watched a one-minute safety video and then began a brief tour of the facilities after which the fun began.

If you, like me, have never been on a trampoline before, then I’m happy to tell you you’ve been missing out on an “easily accessible” affordable thrill. Really, you never know how much fun jumping can be until you’re five feet in the air, free as a bird, ready to land with a bang. And man did I jump! As the Upbeat center is a place of many trampolines. They have a trampoline basketball section, a trampoline dodgeball section, a rectangular foam pit intended to catch jumpers off trampoline tracks or an 8-foot high wall and a free jump section, which is more trampolines. The unspoken rule is to defy gravity by never staying on the ground and this makes Upbeat the perfect place to release your inner Spider-Man or land on your face (for safety reasons, try not to do that) 

We got to sample all the above thrills, and I don’t know about Jennifer, but my favorite spot was the dodgeball section, an enclosed area where you jump and pelter your enemies with soft, big balls. The other sections were decent: landing in the foam pit from either the wall or the tracks was pleasant, however, I wasn’t a fan of the trampoline basketball section, and I didn’t get a chance to observe anyone shooting hoops.

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All in all, if you have an hour to kill, and are looking for a good place to unwind, release your inner child, or wear your own child out, then Upbeat is a good place to go; the price at 2,500 per head is decent, although the in-house restaurant is a little pricey.

NOTE: They offer other fun activities for you children, apart from jumping. Visit their site at to see more.

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