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How to Travel with a Child Less than 1 Year Old – 4 Things You Need to Know!

How to Travel with a Child Less than 1 Year Old – 4 Things You Need to Know!

How to Travel with a baby

How to travel with a baby?” might be the most searched keyword for new moms. Beyond worrying about weird sounding coughs and making sure the baby is alright, this is just another hurdle you’ll have to cross. The journey might seem infested with crocodiles and pirates, but be rest assured it’s not as perilous as it may seem.

You might have been quite the traveller before becoming a mom, but with a baby in the picture the game has changed. Things that were once straightforward like packing might seem a little bit more tasking. You’re probably asking questions like – “how many diapers is too many?“,”Should I pack them all or should I just order and have it waiting for me at the destination?“, “How do I make my baby comfortable for this trip?“. Breathe mommy!

The tips we’re about to share on how to travel with a baby will help you feel more organized and get you and your baby to your destination, sanity intact!

Make a Checklist

How to Travel with a babyChoosing the right things to pack when travelling can be a lifesaver, and you need a list to remember everything. You don’t want to be stuck needing an item you forgot.

Firstly, if you are embarking on a long trip, you might need an extra carry-on bag that will be within reach. Make sure the bag is easy to lift and has compartments for little things like toys and handwipes.

Here is a list of things you should include in the bag:
• Diapers (as many as you can carry…you might need more when you get to your destination).
• Sanitary wipes for the baby & yourself.
• Diaper rash cream.
• A bib and extra clothing (Depending on the length of your journey).
• Pacifier/pre-sterilised baby bottle.
• Premeasured baby food.
• Baby medication (Do yourself a favour by having them handy, especially if it’s your baby’s first time travelling).
• Hand sanitiser.
• Insulated flask filled with boiled water. Hand over the child to someone you’re comfortable with when handling the hot water.
• Few toys (to keep them busy and distracted).
• Breastfeeding covers.
• Baby blanket.
• Snacks for the baby and you too.

If you think you need more things, try to visualize your trip step by step and take note of the things your child might need or want.

Wear your Baby

How to Travel with a babyNot to sound bizarre but having your baby strapped on your chest, not crawling or running around, would make your movement easier. Plus, babies love it! It even makes it easy for you to take a nap with your baby safely secured. If you prefer a stroller, carry a foldable stroller so it doesn’t take up too much space.

Put Safety Measures in Place

How to Travel with a babyWhen travelling with your baby, ensure their safety at all times. We know travelling can be rushed and a bit hectic at times, but your baby’s safety comes first. If you’re travelling in a car, ensure to get a car seat for your child. Before putting the baby in the seat, ensure all the hooks and clips are in place and secured well. Give the seat a proper tug and shake to be sure. You can also install a baby car mirror. Strap it to the headrest of the back seat. The mirror would face the baby in the rear and enable you to see your baby via your car’s rear-view mirror.

If you are boarding a plane, use a bassinet if the flight offers one. If not, ensure your baby is securely held in the lap by an adult during the duration of the flight.

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Start your Trip Early

How to Travel with a babyInfants are more relaxed in the morning so it would really help if you start your trip early. This would reduce the chances of them being cranky during your trip. You definitely don’t want your baby cranky and crying during the trip – that’s not fun for anyone.

Bonus Tip: Avoid breastfeeding them just before boarding a car, plane or train. Feed the baby instead while you’re sitting and settled. Ensure they get enough rest before the trip. Last but not least, ensure the baby gets enough sleep so the baby is very relaxed.

With these tips, we wish you as many enjoyable moments as you can get as you go on that trip with your baby.

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