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The ImpACT Issue: CEO Osayi Alile on ‘Feminizing’ NGO’s, Her Vision & The Future of ACT

The ImpACT Issue: CEO Osayi Alile on ‘Feminizing’ NGO’s, Her Vision & The Future of ACT

I live every day with a purpose to empower women and youth, helping do more, be more in whatever capacity I can.” – Osayi Alile

For our special issue with the Aspire Coronation Trust Foundation, TW sat with its Chief Executive Officer – Osayi Alile for a quick chat. From how NGO’s seem to be made only for women to her hopes for the future, she shares all.

Osayi Alile ACT Foundation

Here are some excerpts from our interview with her;

On how ACT became a defining factor in her life

I have always been very passionate about creating an impact and developing human capacity. Over the years, we have seen a constant need for creating and supporting ecosystems for businesses and innovation to thrive in, a constant requirement to always do more.

On the challenges faced with ACT and how she & her team overcome them

The challenges are limited but we have been able to build a system that allows a group of experts
in the sector to review all our applications and proposals. We leverage their collective expertise in our selection process.

Osayi Alile ACT Foundation

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On what she would say is the hardest part of her job

With so many non-profit organisations on the continent, the hardest part of my job is knowing that
we can’t have all of them as grantees. I have met a good number of them and what has impressed me is the determination of small teams in addressing societal issues of which they often have first-hand knowledge.

Watch our interview with her below;

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