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Monday Motivation: How to Snap Out of Feeling Like You’re Not Good Enough!

Monday Motivation: How to Snap Out of Feeling Like You’re Not Good Enough!

How to Stop Feeling Not Good Enough

Come here sis, we have a shoulder to lean on and a few words of advice.

We are literally just starting the year and we already count one too many times when we feel like we’re not good enough. Those moments where you start to question everything you’ve achieved and wonder if you’re doing things right or you’re just running on fumes of luck – and it’s about to run out. This is usually the curtain call for depression, imposter syndrome and anxiety to come for their solo performances, but we want to change this today.

How to Stop Feeling Not Good Enough

Have you noticed that most times this starts like a wildfire – first a spark, then some smoke and before you know it you’re trying to evacuate everything. Chances are, there is something you have just seen or heard that has sparked this terrible feeling you’re now battling with. This is a major reason why we always include the “Watch What You See” segment in our newsletters (which you should check out). But let’s move on…

Today, we want to help you change all that! We’ve curated these tips to help you break free from this feeling whenever it comes (cause she has proven to be quite persistent). Here’s how to stop feeling not good enough!

Know The Root of the Feeling

Everything starts from something, and it is the same with you feeling like you’re not good enough. Today, the most popular culprit is social media. 5 minutes on social media can ruin 5 hours of your day – and this is why you need to use it cautiously. Actually, you need to seive everything in your life – voices, environments, people – everything!

How to Stop Feeling Not Good Enough

It is up to you to sort through the information sent your way everyday. The information we receive daily works to form facts and perceptions on which we base truth. If your facts are based on something false, then you’re automatically going to have false truths on which you are basing your life. And you need to change that. Surround yourself with what inspires you, unfollow those accounts that are often linked with you feeling like an underachiever and choose to think better.

We strongly recommend using words of affirmation, Bible verses and positive words to reaffirm who you are and how far you’ve come. You might not be where you’d like to be, but you’ve already come a great way – appreciate it!

Re-evaluate Your Expectattions

Have you every stopped to think about why you want the things you want? Is it a Pinky & the Brain desire where you just want to conquer the world, or are your aspirations actually founded on something real?

How to Stop Feeling Not Good Enough

There are 2 types of aspirations – the ones that come from you, and those that come from others. There is a big possibility that your driving force is not achieving something that will make you happy, but getting what you think is making others happy. Marriage, relocating to Canada, clubbing every Friday, having a huge social media following – these can all be great things, but you need to find out if it is what you want. Are these your desires or someone else’s? Because when you do get these things, and they’re not serving you, you’ll end up the same way you were before getting them. So it’s time to reevaluate!

Set Reasonable Goals

Let us know if you’ve been here before – you launch Instagram and see your friend from way back  when you were both ‘hustling’, celebrating her new car with 12,000 likes. The main thought that comes to mind, if you don’t already have a car, is “she has bought a car?!“, “but we started together now?!“. You imagine how rich she must be now, and how if she has can afford a car that means she has a nice house. But like we’ve all seen now and again, not everything is for everyone on social media.

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How to Stop Feeling Not Good Enough

Not all information that comes your way is healthy for your mind, especially if it is not time for you to use that information. There are many things we would all like to have, but they all have their times and seasons. You cannot say you want to get married at 13 because it’s not the time for that, and it’s the same thing for other areas as well.

With the things you want, you need to check where you are to figure out if that is a reasonable goal at this time. Are your finances in order? Are you in a position to own and maintain a home? Should you be planning for a kid now when you’re still living with your parents?

When you can answer key questions like this, those answers will guide you in what you can get now, and what should wait for later. We are in no way telling you not to aspire to great and wonderful things – please do. But ensure you are working smart all the way so you don’t bite more than you can chew and end up choking.

It’s always love from us! Share how to stop feeling not good enough that you’ve discovered – its’a safe space!

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