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Is this the E-mail Hack You’ve Been Missing Throughout Your Career?

Is this the E-mail Hack You’ve Been Missing Throughout Your Career?

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Emails are very similar to debt – once you leave it unattended it just starts to pile up like a house of cards waiting to fall.

Each week, one of our main goals is to clear out our inbox (we think it’s safe to say you have the same goal too). But with each incoming e-mail, Newsletter, Google Meet notification and let’s not forget Spam – that almost seems impossible. And perhaps that’s because we haven’t tried this great e-mail hack yet.

In an interview with Create Cultivate, entrepreneur, model and model, Candice Kumai shared how she gets through her e-mails. Beyond taking the time to respond to all sorts of e-mails, she’s decided to take a more ‘Me’ approach. She told Create Cultivate that “I stay as organized on email as possible and send out emails that work for my business first. I’ve had to step back from helping everyone else and slowly learn to help myself first, for the first time in my career.

According to Candice, the e-mails that pertain to her business and its best interest come first. This way she is taking the vital steps to ensure her brand grows. Who knew Self-Care translated into getting a seamless email? Not us!

Candice also shared that when it comes to her e-mails, she replies to the exciting ones first. And we love that. This way you get your happy hormones going, which gears you up for the day. Voila! Happy you & Happy inbox! Read Candice’ full interview here.

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Try this hack and let us know how it goes and share some of your e-mail hacks with us – Monday is around the corner.

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