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A new Mum may look with longing at her old skirts and trousers with a sigh wondering if that waist line will ever snap back to its prepregnancy state. Fret not because Enee’s top three workout moves are designed to help you get not just the fastest, but also the most enduring results for optimum post pregnancy fitness.

Most women are hesitant to engage in any sort of exercise after childbirth (postpartum) and rightfully so. They are sore, busy, distracted and ‘blue’ as they grapple with new realities. Weight gain being one of them. During the period of pregnancy, every woman experiences changes in their physiological and behavioral patterns and these changes often cause an increase in weight. Hormonal changes, sedentary states, dietary craving and lots more may be directly responsible for this.

Truth is most of these changes are reversible after childbirth if the right actions are taken. For example, healthy eating, getting the right advice from a doctor, breast feeding (burns calories up to 500-800 calories daily) and following evidence based professional guidelines for postpartum exercise, can help you to experience the multitude of benefits of exercise, whilst staying safe and also getting your body into the right shape.

Starting an exercise routine differs for each new mum, as it is dependent on the type of delivery she endured and any complications that may have arisen. So it is important to be patient when returning to exercise postpartum, as too much too soon can do more harm than good.

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  • Interesting notes for the new mums to get that “sizzling” shape back. Kudos to the writer!

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