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Beyonce – Fierce on all fronts

Beyonce – Fierce on all fronts

She’s been stacking the bills fast like she promised, Queen Bey who needs no introduction has us taking notes from her major money moves. The singer-songwriter, who seems to be on a profit streak – as her multiple million-dollar investments from previous and present deals keep skyrocketing, is playing the money game for the long haul. We can’t help but add ‘business-mogul’ to her ever-expanding array of skills.

Last Friday, Uber went public on the New York Stock Exchange with an $8.1 billion IPO (Initial Public Offering). The shares going for an initial $45 each, making it one of the biggest IPO’s in recent history. Mrs. Knowles-Carter, four years ago, was offered $6 million to perform for a corporate Uber event in Las Vegas but rather than accept the cash, she requested for payment in equity.

As of yesterday, the value of her investment has grown to a reported $8 – $9 million on the stock exchange. This is also adding to the fact that last year, Beyonce inked a three-project deal with Netflix, worth $60million, following the release of her Homecoming documentary, detailing her iconic Coachella performance.

This also includes an accompanying 40-track album, in addition to her upcoming world tour.

On top of all this, Beyonce is also reported to have signed the ‘partnership of a lifetime’ with Adidas. Following the launch of her brand “Ivy Park” (activewear) in April 2016, it was announced this April that she would be collaborating with Adidas on the project. The brand collaboration will range from performance to lifestyle.

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The streaming giant has made these strides with – as she says in her homecoming documentary – “a lot of sacrifices”. There’s so much more to expect from her camp and we expect to be writing more about her in the foreseeable future.

What are your thoughts about Bey’s business acumen, and how have her decisions helped shape your understanding of (or desire to understand) business models?

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