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Worker’s Day Tips

Worker’s Day Tips

For employers and employees, workers’ day brings to mind a myriad of emotions, mostly bitter-sweet. On one hand, employers are finding it increasingly difficult to retain good employees. On the other, employees seem unable to hold on to their jobs as the workplace becomes a battlefield.

So what really can be done to help both parties?

What can employers do to hold on to value-adding employees? Here are three (3) helpful tips.

1. Have a structure:

Good employees want to work for a structured organisation. Structure doesn’t have to be complex and unwieldy, it’s just having a defined way of how things should work for stability and predictability.

2. Provide fair employment terms:

What is fair is fair and what is unfair is unfair. For example, an 8 a.m. resumption time with no specific closing time is unfair.

3. Pay a honest wage for work:

Most of the time, employers pay below-average salaries but expect good employees to stay regardless. Most likely, if they are very good some other employer would offer them better wages.

If you do these three things you would be sure to see an improvement in your retention.

And employees? If you want to hold on to your job, pay close attention:

1. Know your job:

Nothing would accelerate your job loss faster than being technically inept in what you were hired to do. Know your job and do it well.

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2. Understand the culture of the organisation you work with:

It can be really hard for an employer to resist the urge to lay you off if you constantly run foul on the rules, and you just don’t get the culture. Try to understand the culture fast.

3. Show Commitment:

This is a sweet spot for most employers. They want to see commitment. Commitment can be used loosely, but try to understand what commitment means to your employer and display it as needed.

If you follow these tips, it would be hard to lay you off. If anything, you would be the last man standing.

Happy Workers’ Day.

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  • Well written by the author. Indeed it is a two-way commitment to ensure full benefits for all concerned.
    Happy celebrations to all workers.

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