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6 Things to Consider If You’re Planning a Zoom Wedding πŸ‘°πŸΎπŸ€΅πŸ½

6 Things to Consider If You’re Planning a Zoom Wedding πŸ‘°πŸΎπŸ€΅πŸ½

How to Plan a Zoom Wedding

Are you looking for how to plan a Zoom wedding? We totally understand if you’re in a little bit of a panic. More couples who had their dream weddings planned for this year have had to make some major adjustments. Some have chosen to postpone while others are looking for creative alternatives.

If you’re one of the more creative types and have decided to opt for a wedding online, then we’re here to help. Zoom weddings have definitely become more popular with more couples choosing the communications tech app typically used for meetings etc. And now you can use it to say ‘I Do’!

Planning a Zoom wedding isn’t as easy as it sounds. Yes, you have fewer people and the process is basically simpler, but you still need to account for quite a lot. That’s why we’ve put together a few things you definitely have to have in check. Now, these might not be EVERYTHING, but it is a pretty comprehensive list of all the ‘i’s that need dotting and ‘t’s that need crossing.

Take a look;

Settle the Details

How to Plan a Zoom Wedding

In learning how to plan a Zoom wedding you have to pay attention to the finer details (just like in a regular wedding). You have to make sure you get equipment like lighting so the people online can see you clearly, a tripod to set the phone or laptop steadily etc. Trust us, you don’t want someone shouting “who is talking?” while you’re saying your vows.

Also, get someone to officiate, a photographer to capture your precious moments, and of course figure out your suits, wedding dress, hair, makeup and wedding bands. And let’s not forget the internet connection. Ensure you have enough data, place your phone or laptop in a place with great reception and ask those attending to do the same. You’re not going to leave your husband at the ‘alter’ to help anyone figure out why they can’t see you.

Before we forget, don’t forget to rehearse. Practice makes perfect – go over all the aspects of the wedding and make sure you take care of any loopholes.

Send Out Invites to Key Guests

How to Plan a Zoom Wedding

You might not want to get married alone – you’d still want your closest family & friends with you. So, send out invites via e-mail to those you’d like present. Since you’re using Zoom, send them the password and username ahead of time and ask them to make sure they can sign in. They should log in at least 30 mins before the ceremony begins so everyone is accounted for before you start.

Zoom can handle about 1000 participants and 49 on-screen videos so you should have enough room for everyone. However, try to keep your list as modest as possible. This way you can easily control the ‘crowd’ and keep your wedding intimate and stress-free.

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Set the Mood

How to Plan a Zoom Wedding

In figuring out how to plan a Zoom wedding, setting the mood is very important. It gets everyone in the right frame of mind and makes the overall ceremony beautiful. Have some candles lit, decorate the way you would for a regular wedding, play some music – go all out. However, make sure you don’t play the music too loud or overdo anything that would hinder your guests from seeing or hearing you.

Send Your Guests a Nice Gift

How to Plan a Zoom Wedding

It’s sad that your family & friends won’t be there to celebrate with you in real-time, and this can put a damper on the occasion. So, to make them feel closer to you and more involved, send them a little something ahead of time. It could be some food, drinks, a little gift, little signs they can hold up while you walk down the living room aisle or even rice to throw at the screen as you say ‘I Do’. It’s up to you!

Remember What’s Important – You & Your Husband

How to Plan a Zoom Wedding

It is your wedding. No one else should matter as much as you and your husband right now. So, if anyone is making noise – mute them, if anyone is complaining – kindly ask them to leave the ceremony and come back when they have a better attitude, or log them out. It’s your day, the beginning of your Happily Ever After – make it a beautiful one!

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