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It was Valentine’s day this week and we hope that you all put your best face forward on your romantic date or on that evening out with your single friends.  Like we promised last week, we have brought you the top makeup looks from beauty bloggers and makeup artists. We have also added some quick tips under each look to help you recreate these looks.



face1                                                                             Instagram – @dimmaumeh

We love this look by Dimma because it is colourful and playful. The ankara head wrap, which matches the eyeshadow colours, takes this look to another level. For the girl or woman who wants to make a statement, this can be worn to church or to a wedding.

Quick Tip

It is best to stick to not more than three eyeshadow colours so that the look is not too overpowering. Also, the blush should be minimal so that the eyes can be the star of the party.


  1. GLOW BABY– Dodos Uvieghara

face2                                                                                  Instagram – iamdodos

This makeup look by makeup artist and beauty expert, Dodos, lights up our world. The light bronze on the eyes, the gold on the cheeks, and the pink on the lips all complement each other. This look can be worn anywhere: to a bridal shower, to a wedding, to church, on a date, or to visit your friends.

Quick Tip

After highlighting your cheeks, you can spray a bit of setting spray on it so that the highlighter can melt into your skin. Also, you can also use the same highlight colour for your inner eye area and your cheeks.


  1. RED! RED! RED! – Missy Lynn

face3                                                                                Instagram – @missylynn

There is no makeup look that is more classic than a red lip and long lashes. We love this look because of the flawless skin, the well-defined eyebrows, the lashes and the matte red lip. This look can be worn anywhere – yes it’s that good!!!

Quick Tip

To get a long wear out of the red lipstick, it may be best to use a liquid lipstick. However, if you want to use a tube lipstick, make sure that the lipstick is matte. Also, keep the blush and eyeshadow minimal so that the emphasis can be on the red lip.

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face4                                                         Instagram – @dorannebeauty, @beautyinlagos

We love this makeup look by Doranne Beauty on Ezinne Alfa. Ezinne’s skin looks flawless and the well sculpted cheek and baby pink lips complement the sharp eyeliner and fluttery lashes. This look can be worn to a party, on a date, to church or to a wedding.

Quick Tip

To get this baby pink lip color, it is better to use a nude or light pink lip liner. Also to get this soft contour, use a contour shade that is about a shade or two darker than your skin. And lastly, to get brows that look as natural as Ezinne’s, use soft hair like strokes when defining your eyebrows rather than drawing a straight line.


We hope you enjoyed these makeup looks. Let us know in the comments section which of them you loved and which of them you will be trying out. Also if you have any makeup tips and tricks that you would like to share, please leave them in the comments section below.

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