It’s been a wet couple of months; the rains have refused to let up. But just because it’s gloomy doesn’t mean we should reflect the gloom, in our style.

As the saying goes, “bring your sunshine no matter the weather”, and there is no better way to live out this saying than to add a pop of color to your style – your hairstyle.

Braids are the perfect option for this season, and colored braids are in. Many people are leery when it comes to colored hair. Of course, there is always the question of will it be a hit or will I be walking around looking like a complete mess. These fears are valid, but as long you stick to the general rules which include but are not limited to – pick a color or shade that suits you, dial down on overly bright clothes, mix and match if you must but don’t do more than two colors – you will be fine.

To help you take the plunge, here are top trending colors as seen on your favorite celebrities, guaranteed to give your braided hairstyle life, through the wet days and beyond.

  1. Go For Gold: working with gold is tricky, be sure it is for you before you go for it.
Image Source: Styleuki


  1. Grey Isn’t always Drab: for some, grey might be a drab color. But with the right style and on the right skin tone this color is a definite hit.
Image Source: Pinterest


  1. Purple Rain: Nothing screams royalty like purple. Adorn your crown with this color and rock it like the queen you are.
Image Source:


  1. Blue Skies: blue is the color of the sky, and in the days when the sky isn’t blue, you have a walking reminder.
Image Source:


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