If You Never Have Time for Your Natural Hair, You Need these Tips from Sisi Yemmie!

Natural Hair Tips for the Naturalista on the Go from Sisi Yemmie!

If you Google “Natural hair tips” there’s a huge chance you’re going be overwhelmed with answers. But with Nigerian blogger Sisi Yemmie’s simple natural hair routine, there’s hope for some answers that won’t drive you crazy.

Sisi Yemmie has been natural since her big chop in 2012. And in her latest video, she’s sharing how she handles her natural hair, even with 2 kids to look after. From how she detangles her hair to what she does to prevent shrinkage, Sisi is baring all her natural hair tips.

Here are a few things we picked up from her routine;

  • If you’re dealing with tangle-prone hair, it is a great idea to add water to your hair first. This helps soften the hair in preparation for detangling.
  • Salon appointments can be your best friend when you have a stiff schedule.
  • Section your hair after detangling to shampoo. This helps reduce shrinkage and makes the hair more manageable.
  • If you want even more stretch, make your twists even smaller and park at the top of your head. The logic is simple – the farther your hair goes, the more it stretches.

Okay, there’s more to learn. Press play to see it all Sisi’s natural hair tips.

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