Here are hairstyles to make on a budget to get your slay going with so little cash.

When you are on a budget, it feels almost impossible to get the right hairstyle to fit into it. It starts to feel like every beautiful hairstyle you see cost so much and the ugly ones cost less. Truth is with a low budget you can still look as beautiful as you want to look.  It just depends on picking the right hair style.

If you happen to find yourself in that “low budget situation” cheer up babe we have 5 beautiful hairstyles and you won’t break the bank see them below:

Corn rows in shuku: all you need is a big pack of attachment or two if you have a big head and you want your hair long.

All back: you would be surprised to know that this hair may just cost you three thousand naira and it’s perfect for a low budget.  It is also perfect for ladies who want their hair to breathe.

Kanuri inspired hairstyle: This style fits absolute every head shape, its inspired by the women from the northern part of Nigeria. It’s a style that fits a low budget and you should totally try It out.

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Ponytail: The ponytail style goes with any occasion and outfit, it could be parted according to preference (side part, middle part or even a C part).


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