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Your hair is what you feed it.

Your hair is what you feed it.

Curly Hair
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It’s amazing how trends come and go, in this case, our hairstyles. Many years ago, having a perm, jheri curls or baby curls was the trend, now, about a decade later, even older women are opting for the naturalista looks and suddenly, getting a perm seems to be out of fashion.

There are of course, many good reasons for the transitioning – health, new look, healthy hair… and what’s more amazing is how everyone is now a hair type/care specialist. We have suddenly adopted DIY mode and even found out, for a few of us that we can not only handle our hair care ourselves, but we better understand our manes. No matter how much we know, there’s always room for more.

So, we share tips on maintaining moisture because with the different ‘things’ we do to our hair, moisture is often the first to be sacrificed, especially because we do not know how important it is.


  • When the scalp doesn’t produce enough natural oil to moisturize your hair – it may be hereditary, or perhaps happens over time, because as we age, the body’s rate of oil production naturally slows down, leading to dryer skin and of course, dry hair.
  • Secondly, the makeup (structure) of the hair or put simply, our hair type.


Thermal abuse

Use a thermal protective formula before applying heat.

Consider using ionic thermal tools.

Take a break from heat.

Over washing and under conditioning

Choose a shampoo that’s designed for dry hair.

Skip the daily shampoo and condition your dry hair on the “off” days.

Exposing your hair to too much sun, wind, chlorine, saltwater or dry air

Wear a protective style or scarf (turban) over your hair in humid temperatures

Waterproof your hair before swimming by coating with a conditioning cream or treatment oil and cover with a swim cap.

Increase your conditioning routine in harsh weather – deep condition often.

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Excessive chemical treatments

Consider ammonia-free hair color – opt for natural hair dyes

Explore non-chemical options for straightening your hair

Bad Brushes and Bad Brushing

Use a wide tooth comb to detangle wet hair

Choose a good boar bristle brush


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