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Women We Love: Chiamaka Obuekwe

Women We Love: Chiamaka Obuekwe

If you are an avid user of social media (as most of us are) and you haven’t heard of “Social Prefect Tours”,  I’m sorry but I have to ask: What have you really been doing on social media?

Social Prefect Tours is a brand that is dedicated to promoting local tourism in Africa, particularly Nigeria. They organize group tours, private tours, school excursions, corporate retreats, holiday packages amongst other tour guide services.

SPT was born from the need to encourage Nigerians to explore our rich and diverse cultural heritage and our beautiful tour destinations, and the vibrant Chiamaka Obuekwe is the brains behind the brand.

It all started with a blog; Chiamaka who has always loved adventure and travelling recounted tales from her travels on her blog and was persuaded by her readers to organize tours because a lot of people were interested in going on these tours but didn’t know the first thing about organizing a tour and some others didn’t want to go alone. She took the initiative and organized the first group tour in July 2015. She had only eight people in attendance but that didn’t stop her, and in two short years, Social Prefect has become the go-to tour guide service in Nigeria.

TW recently partnered with Social Prefect tours for a day trip to Abeokuta and we experienced firsthand the ingenuousness that is a “social prefect” tour.

It was easy to see why Chiamaka is undisputedly the “Queen of Tours” she was on top of it all, handling everything effortlessly. She took even the tiniest detail into consideration; everybody was well catered to.

In honor of world tourism day today, we celebrate the queen of tours by sharing a few reasons why we love her and why you should too.
• Chiamaka is a trailblazer. She understood what she wanted to do and proceeded to do just that.
• When she started, there was little interest in tourism especially Nigeria but she didn’t waver, despite the obstacles like bad roads she is still dedicated to connecting people and discovering the fascinating tourist destinations in Nigeria/Africa.
• She is not afraid to follow her passion and chase her dreams (literarily) even if that means leaving the security of her job.
• She was recently honored as one of the Africa travel 100 women in tourism.
• Did I mention she is only 25?

Our Woman crush is a young, smart, purpose-driven, goal-getter.

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We need more inspiring women like her!!

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