Women We Love: The Pioneer – Beatrice Eneh

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Today, our focus is on Mrs. Beatrice Eneh

Beatrice Eneh

If you were given an opportunity to introduce yourself with no pomp, how would you introduce Mrs. Beatrice Eneh?

I would introduce myself as simply – Beatrice Eneh.

You have a Masters in Engineering and are a member of the American Society for Engineers, why then beauty and the beauty industry?

Application of Engineering and Technology cuts across multiple industries. The Beauty Industry is a simple one out of its numerous applications and presents an opportunity for the fusion of acquired knowledge, skill and passion. It’s been amazing how other industry experiences I have gained in my carrier are also transferable – Another piece of evidence that no knowledge gained is ever wasted!


The first time I ever had my natural hair styled in cornrows and looked really gorgeous was at Apples & Oranges. It was one of the first in Lagos. How does it feel to be a pioneer in the Nigerian beauty industry?

It has been very fulfilling to watch thought leadership in the Natural hair care industry at the time what seemed very different and unacceptable transform and grow into what it is. very inspiring and encouraging to speak and stand for what you believe in and go a step further to make it an acceptable standard.

How are partnerships essential for growth in the beauty industry? Please share some examples of your successful partnerships and your role in their success.

Business has definitely moved away from COMPETITION to collaboration and I look forward to seeing a lot more collaborative and successful partnerships.


The Africa Nail Art Competition is in its 4th year. What led to your brand becoming a part of this?

I led this initiative as a way to give back for the opportunity that I have been given. The competition has trained empowered and trained so many Nigerians over the years and fulfilment derived from the impact and empowerment has sustained efforts over the years to make it an annual competition until we reach our short-term target in the next 4 years of training 20,000 individuals in the Nail care industry.


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How has being the key sponsor of the Africa Nail Art Competition grown your brand and your position in the Beauty Industry?

It was not set up to grow our brand, as I see myself as serving others through this platform with the support of those we reach out to for support and financial grants to do this annually. Special Thanks go to the Organizers of the Beauty West Africa Exhibition who provide a platform for us to hold this annually.

What other projects are in the works for Nectar Beauty Hub?

Optimizing its value chain and positioning with different stakeholders and customers.


What 3 things would you share with a young woman who aspires to be a high-achieving woman like you in the Nigerian beauty industry?

  1. Believe that you are enough and that all things are possible
  2. Acquire the skills and knowledge required for your area of interest
  3. Get an ethical genuinely successful Mentor and take it one step at a time!

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