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Shebah School, a world class Educational centre opens in Lagos

Shebah School, a world class Educational centre opens in Lagos

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Shebah School, a world class educational centre, with Christian core values, opens in Magodo, Lagos, on September 3, 2016, to all children between 6weeks and 10years.

We are committed to providing parents and their children a safe, warm, loving environment where babies can grow physically, emotionally, intellectually and socially, with the provision of full day care services for babies

To set the children off to a good start, our play school and nursery classes offers warm, happy, stimulating and constructive learning environment.  Our aim is to ensure that our children learn not only through play but also through formal study in all the various subjects of early child education.

Our primary class is designed to provide our pupils with the academic achievements and character skills they need to achieve excellent results, to succeed in a competitive world and serve as the next generation of leaders in all spheres of life.

To provide a robust learning environment and cater to the different age groups, Shebah School has a range of physical education programs and activities. Our clubs and societies include Drama, Arts and Craft, Boys Scouts, Brownies, Red Cross, Dance and Movement. The pupils will also be engaged in outdoor learning experiences and go on excursions to places of interest that are based majorly on topics in the school Curriculum.

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Our Management and academic team are highly educated professional and seasoned educators, who place a high value on education with a strong commitment to providing qualitative, consistent but affordable Nursery and Primary Education in a Christian setting to all children, our essence being, “Education for Time and Eternity in the School with a Heart.”


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