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Behind The Scenes With Ty Bello

Behind The Scenes With Ty Bello

TY Bello is one of the most successful photographers in Nigeria. When we all see her work, we can only imagine the time, effort and creativity that it takes to come up with the elaborate concepts and execute them to perfection.

We had the pleasure of shooting with TY Bello for our March/April edition, where she photographed the laughter filled and light emitting Nkechi Harry Ngonadi (NHN).

If you have ever wondered what behind the scenes with TY Bello feels and looks like, here are some behind the scenes videos that will leave you in wonder of her talent and her attention to detail!

  1. TY Bello gets involved in everything (she even does her client’s hair too), and she has a great sense of humor 


2. When we say she gets involved in everything, we mean everything!


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3. TY Bello loves to DANCE and our very own AO has some moves too!

We hope you enjoyed these videos.

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