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Join the Fight to Raise the Age of Consent

Join the Fight to Raise the Age of Consent

“It’s Never Your Fault,” a not-for-profit run by a group of teenage friends: Susan Ubogu (, Kudirat Abiola (, and Temitayo Asuni ( seek your help with their first project titled #raisetheage, a movement trying to raise the age of consent in all Nigerian states to eighteen years old and to have this law enforced.

According to UNICEF,  (United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund) Nigeria has the 11th highest percentage of child marriage in the world. A child as young as eleven can be married off. This leads to innumerable complications not only for the child but also for the economy as a whole.According to UNICEF, (United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund) A total of 44{54d2fcdcd494adb6982253be6fe8d5492e5f586157f419110131714f9092ec60} of the female Nigerian population gets married off before their 18th birthday. That is 40 million people. Imagine if we had 40 million more people working towards solving the issues of our country. It also leads to a number of illnesses for the girl child: VVF, PPD, STDs, HBP, etc.

Take time out to sign the petition here. Empower the girl child, empower the world.

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