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5 Fun Things You Can Do Instead of Feeling Sad on Valentine’s Day!

5 Fun Things You Can Do Instead of Feeling Sad on Valentine’s Day!

Valentine's Day Ideas for SIngles

Question: “Valentine’s is coming, where is your boyfriend?

Answer: “I don’t know. Probably somewhere wishing he’s with me?!

So it’s that time of the year again. Everywhere is red with love, proposals, gifts and more and it’s starting to feel overwhelming. Just when you thought nothing could trump your mother and aunt’s rants about you being single, here comes February 14th.


Well not to worry, we’ve got you!

Did you know that Valentine’s season causes a huge spike in depression, anxiety, stress and general unhappiness? So, that headache you’re feeling or the fact that you’re lashing out isn’t a coincidence. You’re just overwhelmed by all you’re seeing on social media, decor at restaurants and more. And that’s not healthy. So we thought we’d curate a list of things you can do to get your mind off of feeling bad and into feeling better about the day.

Nothing takes your mind off something than actually engaging in something else. So, here are 5 Valentine’s Day ideas for singles or anyone who doesn’t have a Valentine’s this year.

Social Media-Free Beach Day

Valentine's Day Ideas for SIngles

There’s something so peaceful about the beach. The seemingly unending vast expanse of water, the quietness, the peace, the sheer beauty of it all. Now, we’re not talking about a very busy beach where Valentine’s Day can come and grab you by the throat, we’re talking about a nice private beach. Somewhere you can really enjoy the alone time and stay off your phone. Silence your notifications, turn your night mode so no calls come through and just relax. *Breathe in & out*

Fast-Paced Activities

Valentine's Day Ideas for SIngles

Chances are the places that have a calm setting will be packed for this season. Restaurants, parks etc will have lovers everywhere. Do you know where will most likely have the least number of couples and ‘Valentiners’? Anywhere with fast-paced activities. You can grab a couple of your single friends and head to a fun and active place like the Upbeat Center, GET Arena etc.

All that adrenaline will keep you occupied and away from stalking your ex, and by the time you’re home you’ll be too tired to care. 🙂

Games Day & Night

Valentine's Day Ideas for SIngles

You are not the only one feeling down and out (even though you shouldn’t be). So, call your single friends, or anyone really, and have a games day & night. Plan an entire day of activities for you and your friends that will keep you occupied and, most importantly, happy and relaxed. You can kick things off with soccer or some kind of sport and then have a fun movie lunch at home before ending with a round of games at night. Keeping your energy levels up and engaging your mind is a great way to reduce stress, build character and enjoy your day regardless of what’s happening around you.

Treat Yourself

Valentine's Day Ideas for SIngles

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Do you remember the feeling you get every time you get a massage during a spa day or a new hairstyle? You feel like a brand new person right? Well, how about you make this Valentine’s Day all about YOU! Take yourself shopping or get a new hairstyle that you’ve always wanted to try. Make yourself happy by introducing something new to your routine like getting your nails painted a different colour or visiting a spot you’ve always wondered about. It’s a known fact that new experiences improve our mindsets and perspectives. And once you have a more positive mindset about yourself and your life, you’ll have a more positive life.

Spread the Love

Valentine's Day Ideas for SIngles

Yes, Valentine’s Day is predominantly a day to show love to your significant other, but it is also a day to show love to pretty much everyone. So take some time to think of people you can show love to. They could be your family members, friends, nieces & nephews, neighbours or even the less privileged. You’d be amazed how far showing some love to people around you can go. Make their day with a little kindness and make them feel special.

We hope we helped you out with some Valentine’s Day ideas for singles. And remember, just because you’re single doesn’t mean you’re undesirable. You are more than beautiful and more than enough. Remember that!

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