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Fertility Fridays With Toyin: Implications of COVID-19 for Intending Parents

Fertility Fridays With Toyin: Implications of COVID-19 for Intending Parents

Implications of COVID-19 on Intending Parents

There are several implications of COVID-19 for intending parents, some of which you may not realize.

For several weeks now, the entire world has witnessed the horrific surge of the COVID-19 pandemic. With over 150 countries affected and on some form of lockdown, thr world has basically stood still. And while medical experts study the virus behaviour, the area is still very grey for intending parents and pregnant women.

So what are the implications of COVID-19 on intending parents?

At the moment, there is insufficient data on how the virus will affect embryos, pregnant women etc. Will it compromise an infected person’s ability to conceive? Can the virus be transmitted from mother to child or from an infected father to his sperms cells?

Recently, organizations regulating and guiding the practice of reproductive medicine worldwide have advised couples and medical practitioners. They proposed the cancellation of embryo transfers, non-emergency procedures and surgeries, as well as all treatments. Families at the advanced stage of IVF have been adviced to adopt a frozen embryo transfer option. Also, they were advised they stay clear of hospitals to minimize risks of being exposed to the virus.

Implications for intending parents

This virus definitely changes things for intending parernts. They have had to put their plans on hold for an uncertain number of days…I’d suggest 60. Those who had planned to have babies this year have had their hopes dashed. Women with declining fertility reserves are frantic and sad as their chances of having babies genetically grow slimmer. Suddenly, they are left with more bills to pay as their cancelled treatments have to start afresh. Let’s not even mention new tests run, and those who have to store their embryos pay for more storage time.

They have to manage the attending emotional responses that arise from these changes and plan for their cycle, whenever that will be.

What to do Now?

My charge to intending parents is to rise above the disappointment. See this as a window of opportunity to prepare and improve on your sub-optimal areas. Maximize your conception chances during this 60 day period, so this disappointment can turn out to be a blessing. It is the time to get mentally, emotionally, and physically prepared and win, right before the treatment starts.

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