My Ideal Christmas Wishlist


Christmas for a lot of people has become a beacon of hope and a delightful spectrum of good tidings.

For Christians, it signifies the birth of Jesus Christ. It is a period that illuminates hope for ALL regardless of religion and it is celebrated across the globe. It is famously known for the peace and merriment it brings.

Living in Lagos, Nigeria as a child made me fall in love with Christmas, it was the time of the year everyone looked to because of the festivities that come with it, even the atmosphere has a peaceful, serenity to it. Christmas in Nigeria has never fallen short of mesmerizing me with its beauty. The decorations are done with utmost care and intentionality, fit for its purpose. The parties organized are created to bring people together to celebrate the Christmas spirit. Christmas is the time so many people get to see each other after such a long time, Christmas has always been known for bringing about bonding among people.

Over the past few years, due to the consistent and steady decline of the economy and the insecurity plaguing different states in Nigeria, Christmas has not been the same, it feels like it has lost its peaceful, angelic touch, though some claim it’s just adulthood running its course, causing everyone to be prudent and minimalistic with their spending.

Though, several reasons can be given to why Christmas isn’t the way it used to be, the constant through it all is the fact that the season brings hope. It is with this same hope I decided to share my Christmas wishlist with you as a Nigerian girl living in Nigeria and simultaneously experiencing the meltdown of the economy, insecurity and the scary inflation of food prices.

If there were a mysterious, eerie Santa out there granting wishes free of charge, my first expression would be shock because nothing is exactly free but then I would go ahead to wish for

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  1. A change in the economy, things have gotten to a devastating point that an average person finds it hard to survive, and with the festive season and everyone trying to stock up before the prices skyrocket, the inflation rate has been on steroids.
  2. My second wish would have to be personal because I was patriotic enough with my first. The kind of blessings seasons like this brings are often deemed to be superstitious and on some occasions, I agree with this school of thought but in times like this, when normalcy fails to give its supposed effect, a divine intervention of material and financial blessings would be delightful.

When I think about what else I would love to for Christmas, my mind often wonders to things some might consider too lofty to be hopeful for but the main essence of Christmas remains the hope it spreads across to everyone, the joy it brings to faces.

The day is finally here and although we are in the last minutes of it, I would still love to know – If you ever had the opportunity to present your Christmas wishlist, what would it be?

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