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Northern Romance: Travel Edition.

Northern Romance: Travel Edition.


It’s 2019! A new year, a new beginning, and a new opportunity to explore what a beautiful country Nigeria is. The festive season seems to have just breezed by and most offices will be resuming work today or in the days that follow. This may seem like the worst time to plan a trip but I tell you, there couldn’t be a better time. Not only will you enjoy empty vacation spots, but ripping the band-aid off rest and relaxation can have its own consequences. It makes sense to take a day or the weekend to shake off what little holiday jitters still linger in your system and what better place than Kajuru Castle, Kaduna.

Kajuru Castle is a luxury villa, built between 1978 and 1983 in the early medieval style on the outskirts of Kajuru village. The villa is designed with bedrooms modeled after dungeons and has several towers with crenelated walls. The medieval theme is constant throughout the castle; it even has a portcullis (the vertically closing gate) with a crocodile pit.

Alongside the castle, is a guest tower with four (4) rooms and the main building has a knights’ hall and a master suite (also known as the “landlord’s residence“). Leisure activities include, but are not limited to, taking a dip in the outdoor swimming pool, having a barbecue party at the grill right by the pool or getting lost in the overly fascinating view of the surrounding mountains and inselbergs from the poolside and most of the castle windows.

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Kajuru castle is open all year round and is situated in one of the warmest places in the country. Entry is exclusively by booking and the entire premises is available for rent. The castle caters to only one group of people for a specified time, dining is self-catering; meaning food and whatever you need to survive will be provided by you, the guest. You can either bring your meals, ask the management to make arrangements with food service providers in town, who will make deliveries at an extra cost. The castle also has a well-equipped kitchen for any cooking you wish to do.

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While there’s a capacity to host 150 people, overnight stays have a limit of 12 people. Day trips cost N20,000 for a group of 10 (N2,000 per person), overnight stays go up to N300,000. (That comes to about N25,000 per person for a group of 12) and weekends cost almost N600,000. You may contact the castle at their email address for more information. So what are you waiting for? Let’s go north!

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