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The Thing About Sleeping Without Panties You Should Know!

The Thing About Sleeping Without Panties You Should Know!

Benefits of Sleeping without Panties

We believe you must have heard someone say sleeping with panties isn’t good. Chances are they always cite “fresh air” as the reason why, but is that all there is?

Generally, there are 2 types of people – those who sleep in full pyjamas or whatever sleeping clothes they have, and those who sleep naked. Now, for those who sleep fully clothed, it is almost unfathomable how one gets comfortable sleeping naked. And vice versa. But today, we’re simply trying to enlighten you on the benefits of sleeping without panties.

Gynaecologists & Dermatologists have both recommended sleeping without panties as a great way to go, especially for overall vaginal health. And even though it might seem a bit risky, the benefits look quite good. We’ll start with the most common.

“Fresh Air”

Now, this doesn’t necessarily refer to ventilation, but what can happen when there is no ventilation. Chances are you spend at least 16 – 17 hours out of 24 in underwear, and during that time you sweat, your skin produces oils, discharge etc. All of this gets stored in your underwear and can create a breeding ground for bacteria. This can cause infections like Vaginismus, yeast infections and bacterial vaginosis. And guess what!? The sweating & oil production doesn’t automatically get suspended while you’re sleeping.

So, when you sleep without panties, you’re actually giving your vagina a break. It is free from underwear that could lead to infections, gets some fresh air, and takes care of itself like it’s designed to.

A Helping Hand in Curing Yeast Infections & Other Infections

As stated above, constantly wearing underwear can lead to a lot of issues for your vagina. And apparently sleeping without panties can help. It turns out that if you already have a yeast infection or some kind of infection in your vagina, going bare helps it heal faster. The fresh air and breathing room will help the process along, helping you get healthy faster.

Smaller Chances of Irritations

Did you know that silk & lace underwear can irritate the skin? Apart from the fact that they’re not very breathable fabrics, the constant friction against the skin can lead to some annoying bumps. Right now, if you notice that you get bumps or irritations often, check the fabric of underwear you’re using.

Solution? Change to cotton underwear. Don’t get us wrong, we want to spice things up with sexy lace & satin underwear as much as you do. But if your vagina starts acting up, you’ll be feeling less like a sexy lady and more like a sore linebacker.

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The Takeaway

Perhaps it’s time for you to start taking sleeping without panties more seriously. And if you’re finding it hard to make the switch, you can try wearing loose-fitting pyjama trousers or a nightgown with no underwear. Alternatively, you can opt for some loose cotton underwear that will give your vagina space and soak up all the sweat & discharge easily.

Do you wear panties to bed? Or you’re fully suited up? Share with us in the comments below.

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