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So Fresh Celebrates 10 Years of Inspiring People to Live Fresh! Live Healthy!

So Fresh Celebrates 10 Years of Inspiring People to Live Fresh! Live Healthy!

So Fresh Neighbourhood Market

So Fresh Neighbourhood Market Ltd. is a pioneer and fast-growing indigenous company founded by Goke & Bimbo. For 10 years, it has maintained the leading position as the number one healthy food restaurant chain, providing fresh, delicious nutrient-rich healthy meals & inspiring Nigerians to live a healthy lifestyle.

Over the last decade, So Fresh continues to be at the forefront of the healthy lifestyle and wellness revolution in Nigeria. By promoting healthier eating alternatives and habits in line with So Fresh’s mission – “Inspiring you to live Fresh! Live Healthily!”, every So Fresh outlet is an inspiration for Nigerians to live the healthy life they have always wanted. So Fresh remains committed to promoting a lifestyle of living healthy by consciously ensuring that what we eat, where it comes from and how it is prepared is healthy, safe, and beneficial to her customer’s wellbeing. 

So Fresh Neighbourhood Market

A Message from the Owners

With 10 outlets across the nation, So Fresh is making healthy food easily accessible thereby ensuring good health and wellbeing for Nigerians. “So Fresh will continue to play its part in support of the achievement of the UN Sustainable Development Goals 2 and 3 in Nigeria, as we expand our reach across the nation. We inspire people to live healthier and happier lives, by enriching them with fresh, wholesome, nutrient-rich, and delicious meals. Not only do we serve real food, fresh and healthy from nature, at the core of what we do is the PEOPLE we serve.” said Olagoke Balogun, the CEO, So Fresh.

The COO, Abimbola Balogun noted that “So Fresh’s growth continues to be predicated on its focused drive, consistency in maintaining its high standards of Food Safety and Quality Products, while obsessed about connecting with customers and delivering excellent service always.” 

So Fresh is committed to adding value to the individual and to the nation at large. Over the next 7 years, So Fresh aims to invest over $10 million in the West African Region as it drives her expansion plans to surpass 100 stores, while keeping the focus to building a healthy nation, create jobs and expand the learning and capacity in the Food Retail Space.

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The impact of So Fresh expansion will be huge on the Nigerian local economy as it provides a viable outlet to smallholder farmers, manufactures, wholesalers, facility technicians and other SMEs. Every new outlet opened by So Fresh puts a Smile directly on Nigerians faces. 

So Fresh Neighbourhood Market. 

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