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Don’t Be At The Sidelines.

Don’t Be At The Sidelines.

Politics they say is a dirty game, that’s why most people would advise it’s preferable not to be involved and stay sane and safe, well you can actually choose that option if you do not desire an impacting change for women and their rights. 

When it comes to being involved in politics as a woman, it doesn’t necessarily mean you have to run for president or senator, it just simply means being responsible for your political rights. It means being politically and socially aware for you to make the right decisions for yourself and future generations.

In conservative and repressive societies such as in Nigeria, you would find that most roles in the different spheres of government are usually occupied by men and not just any type of men, sometimes it is usually misogynistic men. These men  implement certain rules that not only discriminate against women but also secludes them the opportunity to run for government offices. 

Thank God for feminist movements in Nigeria like the feminist coalition, that are always on the forefront in ensuring the rights of women and young girls are fully secured. But what does this mean for us when it comes to politics? should we just sit and allow the patriarchal society to dictate every aspect of our lives? Or we take up space and fight for what we truly deserve.

Looking at a case study of an audacious American woman, like the world’s very own Vice-President of the United States, Camilla Harris, who boldly fought to see that she was never suppressed by a system that tends the male gender an upper hand. Just like Vice President Harris, we have other notable women who have fought the system to run for office.

As Black/African women we should emulate these women like VP Harris, Although it is quite hard the society we live in, we should  remember that freedom is not given, it’s taken. There are many reasons why women need to be at the forefront of politics;

  • Bridging The Gender Equality Gap

Gender inequality has been the forefront of most women rights being violated, In societies where the man is considered as the superior gender, women are often left at the back burner with scraps to pick from, a lot of changes can be made if women are actively involved in politics regardless of who is calling the shots.

  • Political Inclusivity

A lot of what happens in the society is as a result of  the already set rules and norms that affect the lives of its citizens. A lot of women’s rights have been violated due to these political rules, being actively involved in politics creates a space where women can be held accountable for the choices they make for others.

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  • Freedom of Expression

For centuries, women have always been suppressed and their freedom of expression stifled, thankfully we have seen a shift in the dynamics of women in power. These days phenomenal women are making the strides needed to change the status quo, ensuring that women have the freedom and right to express themselves.

As we gear up for the forthcoming Nigerian elections, let’s take a step to be politically responsible. Actively participating in elections and political initiatives is a step in ensuring a great future for the next generation of women. 

Image source: The Council of Europe

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