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tw Opinion Poll: Do You Work Better with Music In The Background Or In A Quiet Environment?

tw Opinion Poll: Do You Work Better with Music In The Background Or In A Quiet Environment?

We recently came across a fun fact on twitter that stated: “Music is one of the few activities in life that utilizes the entire brain”.

This means while listening to music, it is may be impossible to focus on anything else!

This was particularly intriguing because some people (myself included) say music improves productivity; they swear by it. But some others claim they work better in a quiet environment.

So what’s the truth?

Does quiet or music help you work better?

To test this theory, we decided to conduct a little survey. We took to Instagram to conduct a poll; we asked our followers what they work better with.



Here are the results

50{54d2fcdcd494adb6982253be6fe8d5492e5f586157f419110131714f9092ec60} voted A

29{54d2fcdcd494adb6982253be6fe8d5492e5f586157f419110131714f9092ec60} voted B

21{54d2fcdcd494adb6982253be6fe8d5492e5f586157f419110131714f9092ec60} said depends on the task at hand.

Here are a few responses

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We went ahead to research the effects of listening to background music on performance. Results varied depending on the task at hand.

Working with music in the background, tends to improve positive emotions, increase performance in sports, and make people complete tasks a little faster, but it tends to have disruptive consequences on reading and mental tasks that require utmost concentration.

So, it could be that a moderate amount of music may actually propel creativity. And, in contrast, too much or too little noise may hurt it.

Do you agree with this analysis?

Let us know in the comments section below!

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