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Remembering 9/11…Praying For Peace

Remembering 9/11…Praying For Peace


My colleague just reminded me about 9/11.

I remember it like it was yesterday. To my young mind at the time, all I could think of was World War III had broken out.

Well, 14 years after that strike that altered the lives of millions directly and indirectly, the strike that to me, ushered in a new wave of terrorism. WW 3 may not have broken out but the wave of violence, terrorism  and civil wars which have engulfed even parts of Africa and dare I say North East Nigeria (for to me, the magnitude of recorded losses caused by BH is akin to a civil war) has changed the course of History.

I pray for peace.

I do not pray for the world to have peace as The Holy Book, tells me there will not be peace, for the end is come.

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I choose therefore to pray for peace for our hearts and minds. That through the challenges, the storms and even the strikes, the peace of Christ that passes all understanding, will keep His people.

Today, I stand with America and the rest of the world to remember the innocent and to affirm that though world peace may prove elusive, we will continue to pursue it.

Written by Nimdir Nanshok

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