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Friday Buzz: Say No To Domestic Violence

Friday Buzz: Say No To Domestic Violence

Segun Arinze Ridiculed By His Daughter

Segun Arinze might be a lovable and popular actor to everyone but he’s not so popular with his daughter, Renny. Yesterday, he posted a happy birthday message to Renny on his Instagram and instead of getting a ‘thank you’, he got a lashing.

In the rave of people posting almost everything on social media, Segun Arinze’s attempt at being a loving father backfired on him when he posted the message on his Instagram page.

Renny was enraged because he wrote an Instagram message instead of calling her personally to wish her a happy birthday. Segun had Renny from his marriage to his ex-wife, Anne Njemanze. He took down the post but you can still read the confrontation in the screenshot below:

Source: Pulseng


The hashtag, ‘#RIPKARABO’, has been trending all over social media since the news broke out of a young South African girl who was physically abused then burnt to death by her boyfriend. Karabo Mokoena’s uncle had earlier posted on his Facebook that she had been missing as far back as in April.

He was shocked to find out that she was dead and was even more shocked when it was revealed that the culprit was her boyfriend.

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 Say No To Domestic Violence

After reports of increasing in cases of domestic violence, many stars are speaking up about the dangers of staying in toxic relationships. Former BBN star, Coco Ice, revealed on her twitter that she was also abused in a previous relationship but she left it.


Peter Okoye, Lola Omotayo’s husband, also shared his thoughts on domestic violence saying that men who beat their partners are not real men.

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D’banj also went on his Twitter to share his point of view on the issue. He advised women to ‘run’ away from beasts that hit women.

But women are not the only ones being abused domestically. Though there are more reported cases of domestic violence against women, some men have abusive partners but suffer in silence. It is encouraging, however, that more women are speaking up and giving other women the courage to leave their abusive homes.

Between 2Baba and Blackface

2Baba and Blackface are trending again. 2Baba is threatening to sue his estranged band member, Blackface, for defamation and is demanding an apology. 2Baba is demanding the apology for all the derogatory statements that Blackface has said about him and his manager in the past.

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