Women We Love: The Artist & The Muse – Claire Idera Nnani

Claire Idera

Welcome to the first ‘Women We Love’ of 2022 – our weekly column where we celebrate women doing amazing things in their areas of influence. From the tech & the fashion world to social activism & politics, these women, we think, are definitely crush-worthy. Catch up on all our crushes here!

Today, we shine the light on someone we like to call the Artist & the Muse – Claire Idera Nnani!



Claire Idera

is a Designer, Multi-Media Artist, Art & Fashion Educator. She is also the mother of a beautiful 1-year-old baby girl and is married to TV Personality, Actor & Creator Akah Nnani.

Now, you might be wondering why we are loving up on Claire Idera Nnani today. Well, why not? We’ve come to realize that we don’t love up on more people enough. The whole idea of this segment is to shine the light on Everyone. The Artist, the Scientist, the Writer, the Content Creator, the Political Aspirant, the Mother…the list goes on. And today, it’s Claire’s turn.

Truthfully speaking, we can sit and count dozens of reasons why Claire is crush-worthy. From her beautiful art pieces to simply making us feel understood, she has been one of the many instrumental people in letting us know – it’s okay. But just so you know exactly what we’re talking about, here’s why Claire Idera is a woman we love!

Claire Idera

Her Openness

In the age of social media is very common for people to share their lives. What they feel, what they wear, what they do & how they do it. But what may fail to come across is the authenticity behind it all. We’ve come to see that isn’t the case with Claire. We love how open and genuine she is with those who pay attention to her, all without losing herself.

Take for example this beautiful video where she first felt her baby kick while pregnant. We tried not to cry but failed woefully. We can’t help but notice how much honesty & clarity comes through when she shares.

Dedication to Self

It’s so easy to get lost today as we follow all sorts of personalities and ideas online and offline. So it is always encouraging and refreshing to see women like Claire putting themselves first while they remain there for others.

We see Claire share vulnerable moments where she’s talking about struggling as a mom, to sharing how she copes with feeling unloved or undervalued. This episode of Mums Worst Day really gave us the pat on the back we needed.

Her Beauty

Without sounding cliché, all women are beautiful. And we go through it when it comes to how our bodies change to become who we are made to be. Our hips widen to bear children, our hand get cut as we cook, our skin tone gets attacked when we get favoured – it can be a lot. So it is helpful when women like Claire share posts like these that show us we’re not alone and we need to be kind to ourselves.


It takes a lot to pursue your dreams. Staring, failing, starting again, slow months, stress, anxiety, being your own cheerleader…it can really be a lot. But what do we do? We persevere. because if we don’t fight for ourselves, who will.

We love how transparent Claire was about her passion and quitting her job to start a new one. If you’re feeling stuck, remember that with every passing minute, you can make a decision to become a completely different person. The question is who do you want to be and what will it take to become that person?


Now you get to see why we titled this WWL the Artist & the Muse. In Claire’s art, her main muse is herself. And any Artist would tell you that painting yourself is quite the experience. You come face to face with your imperfections, your flaws and the reality of who you are. No filter, just you.

What we love about Claire’s art is that she chooses to show them all irrespective of how she feels about them. You can call it art in its purest form.

As we come to the end of this week’s Women We Love, we are grateful for Claire Idera Nnani and how much of her life she has chosen to share with us. We are grateful to all of you who have chosen to read this post. And we are grateful for the women we are yet to share.

Till next week, be kind to yourself and remember to be your own cheerleader!

Photo Credit: Lumi Morgan (@LumiMorgan) | Sign up for one of Claire’s Workshops in this bio: @CIWorkshop

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